Hi im Guenrij Silva, and this are my first steps in ZB… i knew this app since the version 2 ( like 8 years ago) but at that time i never take it seriously enought to learn it… So now 8 years after i start to work in a local video game company (Quito-Ecuador) and start to take some classes and workshops @ZBRUSHWORKSHOPS.COM with Ryan Kingslien, wonderfull teacher and person.

Here im starting my first Post with my first works in Zbrush… hope you like it and help me to improve my sculpt with your comments and advices



[vv]34575408[/vv] turnable!


Untitled-1 copy.JPG

BPR_Render copy.JPG









Model Sheets.jpg

ZBrush Document.jpg

cool concept! Has a sort of EVA vibe to it from Evangelion


Welcome to ZbrushCentral:)
Really cool designs in your sketchbook, I am totally digging the creature designs. :+1:
Would have loved taken part on that course, but a young student has no money :laughing:
the oldbiker is cool too, definently keep it going and looking forward to more buddy!
All the best and happy zbrushing,

  • kenny:)

@KC & @Jason, tnx! for the support and motivation :slight_smile: !.. i am pulishing this works to finally make a portapholio… there will be more updates and new stuff sround here this days :slight_smile: by the way if you what to keep in touch i will so glad to add you to my FB :slight_smile: https://www.facebook.com/Chimponauta… cheers!

Your old biker kind of looks like me.

LoL really? :slight_smile: ok so if you have no issues with it i will name him like you :slight_smile:

Rick Biker? :smiley:

HAH! :laughing:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Really cool concept, great silhouette on this. Cesar’s class looks fun!

02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg working like crazy and stealing time to each hour to work this proyects… i wish day could have 48 hours…zzzz 2am time to Zzzleep!

Thanks for sharing your classwork. I really enjoy looking at that kind of stuff. And your insect is looking really sharp. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing it evolve and how far you take it.


Just practicing with Fiber Mesh (first attempt) and trying to understand how the FUNK work the rendering in Zb :slight_smile:

awesome happenings Guenrij! :smiley:

01 ColorAreas_34.jpgBpr.jpg
I wont call it final… but i need to call it done! this is part of a worshop asignaments and i just can give it more time :(… have a lot more to take to render stage…
So this MechaMorph ( a weird mix between xenomorph and evangelion eva) will stay like a nice rendered 3d sketch, some day after all the stuff i have to do, i will pulish
this piece to a better level… now ihave to work the Transpose + lightcap and take all the bpr to PS and make the magic hapen!

as always your coments and advices are always wellcome :slight_smile:

Looks sweeeeeeeeeeet man! love the colours and texture. :smiley: such a solid form, cannot wait to see its completed.

HEY! Sam! tnx for the comment… whit a bit of luck it will be done by tomorrow this time :slight_smile: … now is 230am and is time to Zzzzzzzzz

Looking very cool, good job :slight_smile: