Creation Crib art portfolio

Like many on their FIRST post, I’ve been watching ZB Central for years and years. But never felt confident to show anything.
I’m finally feel good enough, but I am still amazed and completely humbled daily by the work shown here by so many talented talented people!

I’m a toy designer by trade and utilized zbrush on the daily. But here I’d like to share some of my personal work. maybe I’ll share some professional work later, but for now I’ll keep with personal. Love love love rendering my stuff in Keyshot nowadays btw, it’s just makes things look so clean a professional.

I have more work on instagram. http://instagram.com/creationcrib

Norris AF  glam.jpg Norris 06 iso   .jpg Norris AF  KS comp sheet.jpg

Iron Mike Tyson AF  KS Glam 02.jpg Iron Mike Tyson AF  KS Glam 03.jpg Tyson teaser 01 .jpg


Norris AF  KS comp sheet.jpg

Iron Mike Tyson AF  KS Glam 02.jpg

Iron Mike Tyson AF  KS Glam 03.jpg

Tyson teaser 01 .jpg

These are GREAT!!! nice style!


Bruce Lee AF  KS Glam 02.jpgTest 02.jpg


Mr T image 03 .jpgMr T AF  KS comp sheet 02.jpg


Mr T image 03 .jpg

Mr T AF  KS comp sheet 02.jpg

lol pure class mate love all of them

MM classic Glam 01.jpgMM classic Glam 03.jpgMM classic Teaser .jpg


MM classic Teaser .jpg

Excellent sculptures and excellent toy design!

They look more than solid enough for a kid to play with!
For us older kids, the celerity references are perfect selections :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Fantastic! Great designs.

haha… cool caricatures.
-and welcome aboard…


Great first post and introduction to your work! Those are some really cute toy sculpts of very familiar people! Congrats on making the top row, too! :+1:

This may be a noob question but how do I get a similar look? Like is that a matcap rendered in zbrush? What’s it’s name?


Brian…congratulations, brother! I just logged on and this made my morning!
Your work is constantly amazing and you are a daily inspiration with your creativity and work ethic.
Rock on, my friend.

Cool! lol! You always choose the toughest of the toughest guy!

…Joe’s Friends! :smiley:


Congrats on top row! You deserve it, these are great!!!

Wow!! I posted and went away a few days and see I made top row?!?!

Very very honored, to say the least. This just gives me the drive and the confidence to post more of these stylized figure characters in the future!

Here is the current one I’m working on. Much, much to share! :slight_smile:

Rambo teaser 2.JPG

Awesome creativity man. Great!

Rambo Glam 03.jpgRambo Glam 01.jpg

Rambo Comp sheet 01 .jpgRambo Glam 02.jpg


Rambo Comp sheet 01 .jpg