Creation Crib art portfolio

Amazing work & well deserved top row!

Dude, these are great! keep it up.

These are awesome! I would love to see a good bad ugly Blonde and Tuco in your toy style! Great Job!

Daryl Dixon AF Glam 01.jpgDaryl Dixon AF Glam 03.jpg

Daryl Dixon AF Glam 02.jpg


Excellent job on all of these. Each one is instantly recognizable.My wife wants to know where she can buy Daryl. :smiley:

Unfortunately, they are all just creative action figure concepts. But I honestly I wish he was real and available to purchase myself, cause i’d go and buy one too. haha

It’d be very cool to have one of these on the desk. They look awesome. Fantastic job.

Mich comp sheet IG.jpgMich Glam 03.jpg


Mich comp sheet IG.jpg

Mich Glam 03.jpg

Mich Glam 02 small.jpgMich Glam 01 small.jpgTeaser zbrush 01.jpg

i like it

Some Wrestling figure concept updates.

Austin Glam 01.jpgAustin Glam 04.jpgAustin Glam 05.jpgAustin zb teaser 01.jpg

The Rock Glam 01.jpgThe Rock Glam 02.jpgThe Rock Glam body 01.jpgThe Rock Zbrush Glam 01.jpg


The Rock Glam 01.jpg

HHH Glam 04 .jpgHHH Glam 03.jpgHHH Glam 02 .jpgHHH Glam 01.jpg

Your style and work are so crazy fantastic - have you ever done any time lapse recordings of your work? It’d be a real pleasure to watch you build some of your stuff.

Nacho Libre Glam 05.jpgNacho Libre Glam 06.jpgNacho Libre Glam 07.jpgnacho mask comp.JPGNacho Libre Glam 07.jpg


Nacho Libre Glam 05.jpg

Nacho Libre Glam 06.jpg

Nacho Libre Glam 07.jpg

Mr T KS 03 Glam 02.jpgMr T KS 03 Glam 01.jpgMr T KS 02 Glam 01small.jpg


Mr T KS 03 Glam 01.jpg

Mr T KS 03 Glam 02.jpg

Revised in Keyshot with new lighting, also revised my decos.

Norris KS 02 Glam 01small.jpg Norris KS 02 Glam 02small.jpgNorris KS 02 Glam 02.jpg


Norris KS 02 Glam 02.jpg

Great action figures!

Payton Manning sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot