Crease brush like sculptris & more

Here’s a re-up of the brush that I posted earlier.
Read the original post here.

5 brush packs.

  1. sm_crease(Updated to support Sculptris Pro mode.)
  2. sm_Hair
  3. sm_IM Mitsuami
  4. sm_IMM Frill
  5. sm_piping

You are free to redistribute these brushes. / これらのブラシは自由に再配布してもらって結構です。


Thanks! @smilk

Thanks for sharing your brushes @smilk Very kind of you :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

thanks for sharing with the community!

thanks for sharing :grinning: :+1:

Thanks ! :+1:

Many thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.

Big Thanks!!!
They look awesome, hope to use soon :smiley:

Brilliant set of brushes…thanks so much…just playing with them now

I’m attaching a new link here as the top post cannot be edited.
The license notation has been added.

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Thank you, I am new to Zbrush and will enjoy these until I start to make my own! I know this is a year old thread, but I could not take em without saying Thanks!

Thanks for this! Really amazing!

sorry,but i can’t download QAQ

Thank you very much :+1: