Crania Anatomica Filigre (3D printed)

Introduced my latest sculpture project Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You 2 weeks ago on Kickstarter. It is already just a few hundred $ away from being the most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history. Thanks to ZB & 3D printing I can make & share my art!:smiley:



thumbnail update:confused:

what a damn ducking nice print that is :slight_smile:

you should see it in person! The detail really held up well & it’s surprisingly durable in a slightly flexible kind of way.

This is Brilliant! Great design and great print put!


I agree, a beautiful model, a great looking print and a very shrewd application of the Kickstarter model.

PS. The links at the bottom of your posts didn’t seem to work for me, not sure why, but you may want to check them.

All the best


thanks! fixed the links by the way

here’s a pic of a render out of ZB




I LOVE IT…:D:+1:
Great and Outstanding use of this ever evolving technology…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Stay and Keep … Inspired and Inspiring…:+1:

Very cool!

Crania Anatomica Filigre (3D printed) Hola Shhark, exelente trabajo amigo, me gustarìa saber cual es el costo real de hacer una impresiòn como esa, es que no tengo ni idea y me gustarìa printear algunas de mis esculturas, desde Costa Rica te saluda Mariano Prado. Un abrazo fraterno

thanks! check out Shapeways, Sculpteo, Ponoko, etc. I think there’s some service bureaus lurking here in the forum as well.

the project has moved into #1 most funded sculpture project in Kickstarter history & is in the top 5 in Arts overall…nearly 10,000% funded! YIKES


That’s incredible! You’ve got your work cut out for you (no pun intended)!!:smiley:

Using a wired pattern is really smart…
You have a big volum with a minum of material.

Very elegant model!

Thanks All! here’s the video




Check out the new double skull inside a skull version I will be offering as a new reward for the project. Sorry, tried to embed this 3D viewer but didn’t work so here’s the link. Now #1 in Sculpture, 4th in Arts overall & over 10,000% funded with 14 days left.

Crania Anatomica Filigre on Kickstarter


anybody have thoughts on alternative ways to make these?

Great work!, I’ve recently gotten in contact with Kraftwurx.com. They too offer 3d printing services. Their official launch comes later in Nov.

Artists can sign-up now to upload models, so I am all over it.