Corpus works

Great, scary works!

thanks everyone! I’ll post a textured/shdaed render when I’m done.

quick render with some heavy post work. render was done using the high rez geo and normal map exported from zbrush.

Great render…it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up for a second.

love that render!

Soo good, man.
Love the mood of that piece.
Nice SSS too :wink:
I would have loved to see a bit more of an ‘offset stance’ with the hip bone breaking out to one side and him leaning a bit more towards the other but hey, all in all it’s an amazing work.

Keep it up!

Horrible, horrible, horrible, render in a good sense. :wink:

Love the way his hands are posed. Very creep!

Love the translucency in his hands.

Great render and comp!

thanks guys.

Atilla - thats a great idea, wish I had done that. I also regret not adding some gross mouth goo and spit :frowning:

here’s an alternate render, trying to get a bit moody

That is very cool! Lovely design, and great render :slight_smile:

The model is really good, but for my personal taste, the previous render is a lot better.

thanks dudes! the first render does have a more photographic quality, I was trying get something more oldschool horror for this one.

Thanks for the nightmare fuel! Amazing sculpts!

Fyveonit - thanks man.

here is my new character. taking a break from the creature stuff. started detailing the top armor while I decide what to do with her lower half.

Oh man…so inspiring! keep posting!

super cool
love that crazy armor

Cool ! ! !

wow!!! where do you work at? I’d like to work under you :slight_smile: great work!!!