Corpus works

Hello everyone, I decided to start posting personal work now that I have some free time. These are the current wips of my creature, I’ll add more detail after I retopo the body.


Hi, this is really nice, I like the concept and the execution! The face on the belly reminds of the tank character from the game Left 4 Dead. Hope to see more stuff from you soon, good luck and all the best!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

The face on the belly was tipical if you see some medieval demons - fantastic work!

awesome! Love the design! and those scythe claw arms look totally badass! looking forward to seeing more!

Very nice sculpt!

here is my finished piece for my creature. I had to cut the geo into parts to some nice high resolution details into the displacement maps. These maps were then blended back for the base mesh.


Pure Awesomeness!!!

one more light setup.

great work man! top row! i love the effect on the eyes

thanks guys!

mainly blocked out, still needs love

These pieces are weird and twisted. Weird and twisted are very good things.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.


That’s some freaky stuff! Nice work!

great work !

Very nice! Creepy as ****! But very nice lol

thanx dudes. here’s an updated wip.

Nice details! Keep it up!

some renders and of the final model.

wicked bro

Very cool work!