Cnever - sketchbook/concepts

That really is brilliant! Great work!

How did you do those smoke effects? Photoshop?

@blacktooth - glad you like it the final render from zbrush I will be posting soon this was just to a quick comp but yea smoke was added in photoshop, if it is a still like this you could add it in zbrush aswell with bpr filters although ypu would have to do it cleverly.

Some zbrush renders with character slightly posed with little psd adjustments…
Hope you like it. Will do one with a lot more psd things added later also to try and indicate size…

This is a medical unit A-86, designed to break whatever is in the way to get to a injured human. When at the human the capsule (in its chest) opens and can do almost any medical treatment to the injured human.
Medical Unit that was built to keep you safe while your heart gets replaced hahah :slight_smile:






This Work are too crazy for me. I love it very…
I hope i get also to this Level.
Ok, im just 2 Weeks with zBrush… but i admire such works.

@ DesignItLive - thanks glad you liked it

Some shots directly out zbrush… was just rendering some images using and thought this was a nice shot.


It has been a while since I got time for some zbrush fun. Hoping there will be more time :slight_smile:

Had a day or two for this sculpt tried out some techniques I have been seeing lately, that helps to speed up the end concept/look





Very cool work you have here. :slight_smile:

Nice i like his eyes. I feel like they tell he’s intelligent. Good job over all.

@ thousandth, maximus - thanks for the compliment and input :slight_smile:

i like this reptile guy, because the sculpt has so strong clear forms, and the colors play so well together, despite i find the colorschem quite unusual… fun work!

Really like your work mate. especially the mecha and dragon :slight_smile:
Reminds me of kerem beyit dragon style.

@ kokoro - Thanks for the nice feedback. I agree the color scheme is probably a bit random but color is also something that I still need to control better.

@ Cinoklu - Really glad you like the stuff I am posting :slight_smile:

Random doodles all in an hours work or so (some creature box inspiration as well)


ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

What if we were in a world where diseases are common but the human race are struggling more and more to discover the origin of the diseases to create a cure. That is where one of many Alexa the pathogen hunter comes in ***8211; perhaps this is not that far from reality.


This was all out of zbrush and tweaked in photoshop, more renders to come and perhaps some breakdowns if I get time. Almost all the subtools when split will divide back to 5/10 k in poly count, used zremesher and polygroups a lot.

Full res can be viewed if you click all the way to the end of the post on my website.

Hope you like it :smiley:


Some zbrush renders with bpr filters applied


Some clay renders



Great Thread you got going on here, I like it but what I like more are your textures man they look really cool.

Keep up the good work

@rjsmal Thanks glad you like the textures!