Claudio's Sketchbook

Hi gang,

I’m creating a sketchbook to show my projects so that I don’t take up multiple threads lol :slight_smile:

This is a Zombie concept I’m working on for 3d printing. I should have done more preliminary studies but I think he’s finally moving towards something I like(ish)… still a WIP.



Started to figure out the coloring of this guy…



Started to texture and fix up the jeans… almost there with the upper body but could use some tweaking still.


Ok I’m going to call this guy done. Not sure how successful this piece is but I learned quite a bit from it. I think I will move on though lol. I was going to 3D print it but I don’t thinks it worth it so I’ll just leave it as concept art. In any case I thought I would show something finished :smiley: lol



You zombie looks great.
I think there’s nothing wrong with going ahead and 3d printing it as I bet you’d learn from the printing process too.
Also, holding a physical final product will only boost your enthusiasm and is something cool to show off to friends : )

Edit: just saw your website, wow I take back the learning you’d gain from 3d printing it as it seems you’re a seasoned veteran on it already. Anyways it’d still be cool to print it and paint it even without any learning you’d gain from it : )

Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:


Looking great Claudio! For the polypaint, is it going to come out the printer that way or is it more just for a guide post print paint job??

Thank you!

You could go both ways really. In this case I was going to get it printed in colour :slight_smile:



This is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil I’m working on for a collector friend. She will eventually be 3D printed and hand painted. Still lots to do but I figure I’d post updates here as well :slight_smile:


Made her look a little older and hopefully closer to Sienna Guillory lol


great work man.nice composition.;):wink:

Thanks Diablo! :slight_smile:Jill61.jpg

Fixed up her face some more and posed her. Now in the process of re-sculpting into her final forms… I’m sure I will have to tweak her pose as i go along as well. If you are interested you can read more on my blog post :smiley:

last style is good,


Just a quick render of a Old Naval Cannon I made all within Zbrush. All made using Dynamesh, insert mesh brush primitives, Ztool primitives and clip brushes. It was fun to make honestly! :slight_smile:

You can read about it on my blog as well: www.claudiosetti.blogspot.com




Not a big update - mostly tweaked the face. Still working on the hands quite a bit. More on my blog: http://claudiosetti.blogspot.ca/2014/11/resident-evil-jill-valentine-small.html

Cheers :slight_smile:



I made this scene using the new IMM Naval Cannon brush I created for fun. Right now there is only one type of barrel and trucks but i plan on adding and tweaking things here and there. I need to add a “Quoin” and “Stool Bed” eventually. You can download it here if you are interested (its Free of course): https://claudiosetti.selz.com

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Did some more work on her top - mostly fold work.



good, more detail and texturing?

Almost there - did more work on the clothing. Still need to finish the hands and left arm. Gun is still a place holder. Still WIP :slight_smile:


left hand and left shoe need little smooth,