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Well its been a few years since I have posted any personal work on here so i thought i would share a recently finished little character. I call " IT" Onion Tummy. Ill try and upload more work as I produce it as well as share my workflow tips and tricks.

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awesome stuff Rob! love his expression, looking forward to more stuff.

but i love this guy! His teeth and hands are particularly awesome! :smiley:

XD thanks guys.

EXCELLENT work man! I’m dying to know: HOW did you get that awesome iridescent sheen in specific/selective areas of the model?
Painting on different materials like metallic on top of skin? And did you use a subtle touch of wax preview &/or SSS on him?
Again, really beautiful & impressive from a technical, artistic and aesthetic perspective! Funny and fun too with the expression and well-chosen, dynamic pose you gave him!
Major props to you sir! You’re inspiring me to push myself harder! =)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Love the character! Looks like you had loads of fun sculpting him! :+1:

Love it !

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Nice character and love the render!

Thanks for the kind words everyone. My purpose as an artist is to inspire and be inspired.

Glyph2040 to answer you question about the materials. To get the blending to work i simply turned on material painting and then began selecting material that had similar properties
and specularity attributes that i could integrate together. Make sure you select some good alpha brushes for your painting and blending. The key is to go into the material modifier properties and start playing around with the diffuse, and anisotropic ambient power in order to gett he effect you want. Just remember to save out each unique material you create into a folder you can reload after you save out your Ztool.

I haven’t really been active on the boards enough but i thought i would share a recently finished personal project.
I call this character Starr. He started off as a basic photoshop sketch i hadnt really planned on taking into zbrush but i just made the decision last minute.

All the texturing was done inside maya using the primitive poly paint brush. The entire model is being driven by 4096 normal, and hand painted diffuse,and spec. The final rendering was done in Mental Ray


<iframe src=“” width=“720” height=“405” frameborder=“0” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Starr from robert brown on Vimeo.

Great stuff, I really, really like it. cheers

Really nice work! Your work just keeps getting better and better!

Thanks guys!

Amazing Characters designs and Sculpts!!! Congrats!!!

“Starr” is awesome ,Design so great.:+1:

wow great work here … “starr” is really awesome and the sketch too…

Thanks guys really appreciate your viewing.

rossonerixx I love your work!!

Hey guys, I wanted to share my new boss character in the works whom i call " Angel Eater". Still have to do a final detail pass on the sculpt and create his weapon before i then move onto the retopology. This will be a rigg ready model so if anyone wants to animate him let me know This guy is also using my new bronze material, feel free to grab it here