Character Creator workflow

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know about an article I wrote about a workflow between ZBrush and Character Creator 3. The latest version of CC3 connects nicely with ZBrush using the GoZ and it could be a very powerful tool for prototyping and posing a biped/humanoid character.

Here is the link to the article in ArtStation, and here are some images of the character I used in the demo and video tutorials:

ZBrush sculpture posed in CC3:

I hope you guys find it useful!

PS: I just open the doors of THE EXTRA MILE course again, so if you want to enrol, you have a chance until the end of the week. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Very enjoyable looking work flow - the software itself is Windows only I discovered.

Hope all is well and that your students behave themselves in class.

Just went through your Guide to Speed Up ZBrush Character Creation Great workflow Pablo :clap:. Another way to pose your characters…well done! Thank you for sharing.

Super nice character design man!! Really love this one! So original :wink:

Maybe this is a long-shot, but could you perhaps explain how you baked the detail on the figure in zbrush? I assume it was more than just the normal ‘hit bake once you have your hd details’ because of how the uv tile is set up on character creator figures.

I eventually managed to figure out how to do it in substance painter using an .obj basemesh and a fbx hires version but I think I heard you say you baked the facial detail and figure detail in zbrush?