Cesar Dacol Jr sketch book.

I’ll be posting up work here that I do for Demos and class.
This is where I will also post my attempts as I try to better my craft.
I’ll be updating this thread often if all goes to plan ^-
Comments always welcome.
Today I’m working on a Dino… here’s an old base mesh that I had.
Let’s get started. ^
Cesar Dacol Jr.



Blocking in, opened the mouth. Got to start somewhere. ^____-Dino_wip_02.jpg

Heavy cutting, will soften as I go along. ^____^
Starting to look like something. Ha, ha, ha.

Refined the face bit more starting in on the back. Always liked the Weta croc inspire detailing.
Going to go with that.

Defining forms. This back is going to be fun ^____^.Dino_wip_05..jpg

Got the major landmarks in on the back and tracks for the wrinkles on the body. Time for a quick coffee break.
Always a good idea to step away. ^____- Give your eyes a chance to freshen up.

OK, now I’m going to take a coffee break ^___^
Bit of detailing all harsh again will knock back and melt into the surface.
Going to tackle the lower jaw and teeth next.

The webinar was so awesome, sir! Can’t wait for the class on Tuesday! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Ok back, yum coffee.

shulinchung - thanks glad you enjoyed it. I too am looking forward to it.
I really dig the format Ryan has come up with at creatureworkshops.
I know you guys will learn a ton, get ready though, as I will be challenging you all for sure.
blocked in the jaw, placed the tongue and teeth.
Time to turn towards the body.

Back again, put the kids to bed.
OK, bit of love on the jaw, neck, arms, trunk and start of scale pattern on legs.

Laid all the tracks of detail down. Time to melt it in then, Pop ^__-

K, I’m having way to much fun on this.:smiley:
The legs seem a tad on the short size… need to adjust them.
Interior mouth, hands and color next.

OK, I lied… color next ^___^
Made the adjustments.

That’s it for tonight, pose and render tomorrow.
Night. ^_____^

Allways nice to see some new work from you Cesar!!! keep em coming!

Dig your style, thanks for making the time for step by step publishing of your progress, hope you continue :+1:

It is great to see this sculpt progress in each stage like that. Looking forward to the updates!

Hello Cesar! This tyrannosaurus will be very impressive! great sculpt at all levels! Looking forward to see the next step! :slight_smile:

Great Dino Cesar! Really like the color choice for him. Thanks for showing us the process!

excellent TRex…i’m amazed at the speed of your updates.