Carl's sketchbook

Hi. I could not figure out how to rename my existing thread so im making a new one.

Will post WIP and projects im working on here as much as i can.

I have been using Zbrush for about two months now and im having loads of fun. (tough i tend to get carried away with projects i can’t quite handle yet).

I’m thankful for all the critique and tips i can get.

Excuse any spelling mistakes as english is not my native language.

Here is my attempt at sculpting Roronoa Zoro from the anime One Piece.

It’s a wip so please feel free to make suggestions.

Thanky you.

  • Carl





These are todays sculpts.

I decided i wanted to try and composite the BPR passes in Photoshop, so i looked up som tutorials online and gave it a try. Im fairly happy with the result, but i realy dont know what the hell im doing so any tips are much appreciated.

The sculpt themeselfs are nothing fancy as the main point was the compositing process. But i hope someone likse them :slight_smile:



So this is a wip i started yesterday.

I’m really feeling my workflow is geting more and more efficient for every project i work on.
Still need to work on making sure my mesh is nice and clean though. Running in to problems now and again.

About 9 million pollys at the moment. Not sure if thats to much for a project like this.

My laptop seem to think so…

Anyway, Critique is as always welcome.

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The model seems a little stiff and the hands look a bit too cartoony. The detail is great, he just needs to be in a better pose

Yes you are absolutely right Gunmen Caliber.

I’ve actualy not posed anything but the arm yet. Just did a quick pose on it to get the “Orb” in place.

Alot more to be done. Maby a Weapon of some sort. Maby not. Having trouble deciding.

Thanks for The feedback :slight_smile:


Haven´t posted anything in ages due to being busy with other engagements.

But i finally sat down and started Zbrushing again and got caught up in compositing passes and painting over the render in Photoshop.

So these are the stages i went trough to get to the final image.

First of, a fairly quick sculpt.


Then polypaint. Again fairly quick.

And lastly, the composed image from Photoshop.

Having alot of fun with it. Any tips, tricks and critique are as always most welcome :slight_smile:

that dwarf was good! keep pushing!:+1:

Thank you, I will!

Todays project. A work in progress, so critique is much appreciated.


that’s looking really good. only thing i’d mention, is where the belly meets the leg it seems like there’d be a deeper crease/overhang.

Thank you magbehitu. I will give his fat flaps som more attention.

Spent quite some time trying to put this guy in a elaborate scene, only to fail miserably due to lack of skill.

So im calling him done and moving on to new things. C&C are as always appreciated. Thanks.




Just a portrait of a girl i grabbed of google. C&C ar as always welcome. Thanks for watching.


Great great great work Carl. Would love to see the rest of the body on this dude:)

Thanks man, I may revisit him sometime then :slight_smile:

Very nice work Carl. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Decided to do som anatomy studying, And this is what i got so far.

I know there are som pro’s on the subject here, so i was hoping to get some feedback before moving on with refinement and some poses.


Hi, nice to see you’re trying to improve your anatomy skills:+1:
I would like to give you one very important advice that should help you in your quest: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LANDMARKS!!!
Im having hard time finding any on your model (like scapula line or anterior superior illac spine), except acromion process. They are really aparent even on muscular people. Get to know theese, and you should improve greatly.
Hope that helps, and good luck;)

Thank you very much xenoo. I have to admit, I have no idea what most of those words mean. But i’ll be sure to look it up.
I get the point of landmarks though and will take it in to consideration.