Carlos Ortega - WIPs & Sketchbook

Hi there,
I had an account here but never used it. I got ZBrush about a month ago or so and I’m learning it -again- since I had the chance to play with version 3.1 a time ago. Anyway, I’m having lots of fun in the free time I have to practice :smiley: thanks for watching.



Looking good! I especially like the woman with her hands on her hips.

I agree. Girl rocks!

yes, really like the woman style.

love the style. great work!

If you create more characters in the style of the ‘girl’ i.e. barbarians, dragons, vehicles, weapons, etc… you have a new fan-:wink:

I agree with everyone else: The gal in the dress is great! :+1:

love everything!
great comic style!:+1:

Im diggn all of it, Although I do like the girl with her hands on hips, My fav is the female bust.


Nice work,like her pose:roll_eyes:

Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile: I’m slowly moving forward on each model discovering new things, really fun!
Another practice: I’m not really into fanart, but playing too much Arkham City got me inspired :slight_smile: playing a bit with qRemesher, it’s a really awesome tool.


Man I generally generally don’t like cartoony models all that much but yours have so much appeal I can’t help it. I love em!

Great sketchbook! Looking forward to watching this one.

Some sketches and unfinished practices done in ZBrush.




Some of my works of the past couple of years done in ZBrush :slight_smile: Thanks for watching!


love the last girl!!

Lovely works!

Hey thanks for the words!

This is the last piece I finished

“Sea Queen”
A personal version inspired by one of my many favorite characters. Had this one unfinished for a while but finally called it done. Created in ZBrush & Maya, render in Arnold.
Thanks for watching!


I really love your style