Callahan Sketchbook

Here’s my latest called JOE vs Cobra. Two of my favorite characters as a kid Snake Eyes and the Baroness.

All Zbrush as always. With a little Photoshop.




Hey that’s impressive, how long did you make this models ?

5 stars from me, I can tell alot of work and dedication went into this one (as well as love… in a zbrushy kind of way of course. :slight_smile: ) Can’t really fault it to be honest. Looks susipiciously like a pending top row peice to me. :wink:

Working from 2 bases meshes I take it and not ZSpheres? Some wires would be nice.


man, that’s practically flawless! there’s a lot of motion/action conveyed, especially in the second and third perspectives. great execution on this. congrats! 5*

Very nice dude, i dig it! textures! :smiley:

I thought I would find this piece in the top row…Great work,no crits, how did you make the granades? there are some very nice detailes with sharp edges, like the visor. Great forms and sense of action…nice touch with the spent cartridges. Hope to see more from you.

Take a closer look at Snake Eye’s wrist. It looks… weird. Other then that it looks good. :+1:

Best sculpt i have seen so far. The only problem i can see is that i didnt make it!!! :lol: Great great work!!!

BAD. ASS. Great sculpt man!! looks like Baroness has quite a bead on ol’ snake eyes and she’s still missing. have you seen the pics of the movie version of snake eyes they just released yet? they’re here:


this is by far my favorate thing that i have seen on here. this is the kind of thing that made me get into zbrush. 100% :+1: :+1: . awesome in every way. is each character a single tool or many subtools? how many polys per character? what spec machine are you running?

very good! I really like the female! Agreed about his hand, looks slightly twisted but otherwise terrific job:+1:

great work… its simply inspirational

Great work!! and nice material!!
My only suggestion is that the right foot of the girl shouldn’t twist that much, otherwise nice job.

Keep up the great work!!

GOSH MAN>>>>DANGIT>>>I Was hoping that noone would do a snake eyes cause I was gonna try and tackle him one day…but dude…I can’t even hate at all bro…

I knew this was your project the moment I saw the image in the Gallery… i was wondering where you have been…I’ve been waiting to see some new stuff from you for a while now…

But now I know where you have been…Sweet stuff man

I think you are one of the few artist (when I say few I really mean a lot more then a couple) that keep me Inspired to learn

Dude you are awesome… you get more then five stars from me


Edit:small_orange_diamond: and and and you say all zbrush…How the heck dude?? If this means sharing secrets I don’t want to know but if it doesn’t involve sharing secrets…please please tell the many that want to know…


Can you by any chance break these characters down for us? Im sure alot of people here would like to see a breakdown from subtools to base meshes. Thanks.

looks fantastic. the guns look big for her hands though. Doesnt look like she has a lot of grip on them. Really nice material!! Mind sharing this one at all?
Like the other, i would love to read a sticky on the progress and see some basemeshes. Very impressed!

[size=7]KICK ( | )

:+1: :+1:
Hands-down, best cartoon dialog ever.
where’s timber? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rocks! :+1:

Thanks All! I will post a few wire shots later.

wizz: Spent about a week on each character (maybe a little more on Snake Eyes). I only really worked on them a few hours a night.

JohnnyRapot: Sorry no textures. I’m usually burnt out on texturing when I get home at night from the day to day grind. :slight_smile:

Saw the new Snake Eyes for the movie after I finished this piece. Bad ASS! Cant wait! I do wish they would have put the grenade on his chest. I always liked that detail.

LeoAMD: Each character is made up of about 15 to 20 subtools. I will have to get back to you on the poly count later. My PC is a Dcore 2 with 3 gigs of ram. Trust me this project pushed it to its limit. Had many crashes and even had to back down on some details. Cant wait for ZB4!

Selahpoetic: lol. Yeah I figured someone would tackle this project with the movie coming out soon.

Stunning Work Man!!! :smiley: :+1: