Cacharreando con Zbrush...Nacho Riesco Zworks

Hi everyone!! i post my latest works, i’m not a 3d artist but i love to use Zbrush in my illustration workflow, sculpting parts separatelly and composed all together on a 2.5d canvas…Hope you like it!!

![AlienWarrior.jpg|405x418](upload://vDhTw0ldIitQP1Vn8hhXULNMVvP.jpeg)![skulltubes final2 fondo.jpg|412x412](upload://ukCN0FfwApdqkKk04NLpxOKiO3h.jpeg)![caras.jpg|368x460](upload://50vdeqZSEHUzwVARvRBFzwzxf1L.jpeg)![Vampire Cult.jpg|410x410](upload://xbxp3CPYXor0gY2rCbyBfbKkarB.jpeg)![bot.jpg|370x455](upload://XfMJ3vLUiwtlbtxfKWzW1B7wjS.jpeg)![cara mujer2.jpg|368x460](upload://6XHKkVpqocKnLK0njyDT9VnZVAW.jpeg)![bustoII copia.jpg|368x460](upload://7PMTV94OA0vIHwHbVjdl4xLZT7h.jpeg)![Ñam.jpg|380x475](upload://kIdxXp26pHCCubJTGPZMKn1jQPU.jpeg)![microballs.jpg|475x356](upload://qNuFl5RQ7tvRZBu5ojiIsPgPb1h.jpeg)![Cubic World.jpg|475x356](upload://jcHXiR1Qgxdk3FSJNnC99vp4cUb.jpeg)![Lazy.jpg|460x368](upload://6ZSsIsLhB8mWMuDGICysEqUr6KS.jpeg)![mech2 500k.jpg|355x450](upload://onUhshf47KeMbtN5GvBWxsVlANw.jpeg)

Great stuff. Like the way you work.
Specially like the robot bust.

A mech battle soldier…

![mech2 500k.jpg|355x450](upload://onUhshf47KeMbtN5GvBWxsVlANw.jpeg)

some very interesting finishes here loving the mech robot, also the five silvery heads and the girl with white hair… and a couple of the others too
real inspiring stuff…

… also just a note to say your link does not go to your deviant art portfolio it goes to anyone who is on deviants portfolio

Great Work !!! love the way you work

earthtriber: To be inspiring is a great notice!!!, thanks!!..

shrikant09: Thanks!! i said i’m still don’t have enough 3d skills and i adapt the zb tools to my illustrations knowledge…

Zbrush sculpting, each parte separately, and composed then together on a 2.5d canvas…

![skulltubes final2 fondo.jpg|412x412](upload://ukCN0FfwApdqkKk04NLpxOKiO3h.jpeg)

Very good! That’s one of the techniques that Meats Meier uses. Seems we don’t see much of Meats on ZBC anymore.

Of course!!! zber2…From him i learnt it!. Yes it’s a pity…i visit frecuently his site to know about his latest works…

interesting works :+1:

Thanks a lot Etcher!!..i’ve learnt a lot from you…

In this case the only 2.5d composition is the little jewel snowflake…hope you like it


Zb4 sculpting abd render plus Photoshop postwork


trabajo muy original nacho, pasate por el foro en español estamos necesitados de buenos trabajos y la comunidad esta empezando a florecer un saludo peter

Muy bien peter me pasare por alli ahora mismo…y gracias!!

This is a 2.5D image done with Zbrush, the bones shape is an Alchemy random image composed with Photoshop and imported in ZB as an Alpha, the eye and skulls were after added and tetured to the 2.5D canvas




nice! … i love alchemy - i wish someone would write a random alpha cycler script so we could have its functionality within zbrush

Speed sculpt just for fun…hope you like it


Hi guys, here is my last ZB work, the concept is not mine i borrow it from a DA friend, his image sugest me to compose a small scene in Zbrush 4, all done with it, sculpting, polypainting and rendering, Photoshop was used to and the paint-like texture

Here you can see two WIP images:

![Cachalote final 2M.jpg|700x700](upload://cHA19KhvJRraDatCpuWfb6nmt8.jpeg)

Here are some of my latest stuff…all zbrush ,BPR rendering and Photoshop post…

![Borg.jpg|700x840](upload://xpHkt8wHCrEsNv840EAY2UP9fMk.jpeg)![CyclopR3.jpg|750x847](upload://3gLeGg1MlZq2BJmm6252Kjj7FCN.jpeg)![CyclopR2 2M.jpg|830x633](upload://92Bnte1ZraU5FrirU9TTpCvGxMf.jpeg)