Cacharreando con Zbrush...Nacho Riesco Zworks

Hi everyone!!, this is my first post here I,ve been using this amazing program for few moths, all that I know I,ve learned here in the Forum…

I come from 2D traditional world and my main tool is Photoshop but since I discovered Zbrush I allways think how to use it in my workflow, for me the polygons are dificult to control yet but as I create models mainly for use them in illustrations I do not care too much about topology and 3d technical needs…but I’m pushing me up to learn mor about it.

The image that I post is a 2.5 composition, the basemesh is an sculptris model, then imported to Zbrush and retopologize for create the mask pieces, the horns, screws, tentacles, etc sculpted from primitives and composed all together as pixols in a 2.5 canvas

Rendered with different materials (mostly matcaps, I love bronce ones) and the final image composed in Photoshop…

Hope you like it, as a new menber and still learnig… critics a very welcomed


that’s quite an impressive first piece.
If you don’t mind I would recommend working more on the lighting and maybe reducing or darkening the background to give your skull cult-whatever object more presence. the lighting is very evenly spread here which one one hand flattens it all a bit and on the other makes all the little details jump at you equally and thus it’s hard to focus on anything.

if you want I can post a quick "paintover’ here to illustrate what I mean. just don’t want to post anything without your permission.

truley amazing, keep rocking mate

Julian_K: Thanks for the answering and of course for your opinion, I’m her fore share experiences a to learn!!!, them…you are able to post tha paintover as you want!!!, I think that I know wath you mean, maybe the reason could be that all the renders that I mae were with matcaps, no light adjusting…

Minastris: Thanks a lot, your comment motivate me

Very good start. I love yor mask :slight_smile:

Thanks Yvan_c, I’ll post here as much that I can

what I meant was something along that line.

I’m pretty sure that’s siumilar to what you had in mind too :slight_smile:shift.jpg



wow thats alot of cranium accessories lol

yes , I see…adding contrast for centralize the focus view, the first one , works better I think…thanks for your help, I’ll keep in mind in my future images

Yes Its a kind of alien mask with human and animal trophies

Another image, it’s a 2.5 composition, all the parts sculpted rendered and composed in Zbrush, then postworked in Photoshop

It is a seal metal band call Malleficarum, meaning is a set of elements that were used to burn witches and sorcerers in the Inquisition, where they placed the cross, chains and shackles with which the subject, and the corn and wheat used as fuel for the bonfire

Otra imagen, es una composición 2.5, todas las piezas esculpidas, renderizadas y compuestas en Zbrush, luego retocadas en Photoshop

Es un sello de la banda de metal llamada Malleficarum, es un conjunto de elementos que se utilizaron para quemar brujas y brujos en la Inquisición, la cruz donde los colocaban, las cadenas y grilletes con que los sujetaban, y el maíz y el trigo utilizado como combustible para la hoguera




I love it !!

Thanks a lot hell66!!!..your homepage it’s amazing, i love your style

This is my second day posting, this forum is very encouraging …
I upload my third picture, along with the band Malleficarum, this is a conceptual design of their “pet” … the monk maleficiario, a kind of dark monk deported by the Inquisition and now wants revenge …

basemesh is the download center (humanhead) transformed and remodeled and exported to Photoshop and painted

Este es mi segundo dia posting, este foro es muy motivante…
subo mi tercera imagen , siguiendo con la banda Malleficarum, este es un diseño conceptual de su “mascota”…el monje maleficiario, una especie de monje oscuro deportado por la inquisicion y que ahora tiene ganas de venganza…

la basemesh es del download center (humanhead) transformada y remodelada, exportada a Photoshop y pintada


Good job man !
The band logo looks very nice, the elements changes a lot from usual pentagrams.
I’m listening to the band right now, good music ^^ But i must admit i was hoping something more violent and evil. :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep up!


More violent and evil…well, i think that they are in the right measure…jeje
The idea of the logo is based on the history that the band invented

Thanks for the coment

Hello again, I am still new in to the 3D world and I have much to learn… but I found in Zbrush the perfect complement to improve my artwork, which I think is great this software, the creative possibilities

Some time ago I found this forum a Threat on the possibilities of technique “crop and fill” using images as alpha and transforming them into a 3d canvas, is a technique with many possibilities that I love, I don’tfind that Threat so I can’t recognize the merit of its creator, but I wish I could do for his great discovery

These illustrations were created with this technique (not a photo manipulation), I hope you like it

Here there is an small tutorial about it:
Crop and Fill tutorialroboretro-sobre-hojas-500.jpgtattooed-skull-500.jpg

Useful tutorial. Nice image. :slight_smile:

Here is my latest 2.5D zbrush composition, the face was
sculpted with Sculptris, all the rest are Zbrush…horns,
leaves, flowers,ornaments and background (cropped and
filled image)

Here you can see the Zbrush basic, without material

Color was added with diferent materials, mostly matcaps,
and then exported to Photoshop for the final atmosphere
(butterflies and bugs are photomanipulations)

Hope you like it!!

![faunoII final 500k.jpg|500x500](upload://YJ3rYPFE28VKgTT49bFwuva4r2.jpeg)

i love it! reminds me of pans labyrinth