C1-Workshop Artbook

First of all Hello everyone, I’ve been watching all the amazing work posted in this forums for a long time, but never had the courage to post anything, I think its time to get some nice C&C!

This is a recent WIP that I pretend to finish as soon as posible, I’m currently texturing the body and minor shading tweaking. It’s a Caveman (Yes too clean and bald! but its just a WIP I’ll add some dirt and hair as soon as posible hehe)

Thanks for watching! :wink:






Awesome, but please don’t pixel the genitals of the character. We’re all grown up people here.
(Except maybe for some prude, disturbed americans)


nice build…
really like teh proportion…
and yes it’s kind of weird to pixelate body part on an art forum :confused:

Using an MA tag is just a courtesy on a forum open to all ages. However bringing bigotry into an art forum is truly offensive and juvenile. Ideological trolling in an art forum, really :roll_eyes:

@TeemuLaunis, xenoforge, xtrm3d, Blaine91555: Thank you so much for your replies.I’ve censored the genitals because I’ll sculpt a loincloth and I didn’t work too much that area ( looks horrible atm ) hehe.

Here I post the head Wire, Zbrush Capture and a postproduced frame. I’m currently adding some scars and dirt to his face.



Any C&C is more than welcome. (A studio partner helped me with that newage postproduction style hehe)

excellent sculpt, and wonderful skin shader work. the muscle attachment looks a bit off on the collar bone, but besides that it looks great! looking forward to seeing the scarred and dirt version,

Excellent skin shader work!

nice skin detail.
can you elaborate on the “new age” post production? I would also like to know how they make it feel the way they feel.

Wow! This sculpt is amazing, love the anatomy, details, and renders.

@cuddles_mcsavage, Philuxius, Renderen, and Fenrir406: Thank you so much guys! I will tweak the collar bone and try to fix that area. Renderen as soon as I meet my partner I will ask him how he did that kind of postpro.

Not a big update, just one doubt, Does anyone know how to export fibermeshes with uv coordinates? so I can add a material in max :smiley: . And does anyone know how to make a better backscatter with sss2? any trick? (without using a hard backlight). Thanks everyone!



amazing renders and sculpt

very very very good! congratulations!

Very nice renders

Excellent render!

Nice, he reminds me of Peter Weller for some reason. I want to see some hair on this guy.

@ Monstermaker, Philuxius, Sankar82, Ricardo, Omarpac: Thank you so much guys! :smiley:

I’m currently really busy with work so I can’t update the Caveman, here I post an old sculpt, hope you like it.





Damn really nice renders!

And as an uptight American, thanks for blurring out that guy’s junk :sunglasses:

*Shahcreative: Thank you so much! :smiley:

Old work. Made for a TV spot, still in process. Pixelated area again because is not finished since he wears some clothing :lol:






More WIP. Previous character with a human skin instead of a green goblin skin(Planning to do a series of Ugly Portraits, this will be the 1st) . And the main character of a Shortfilm that I’m working with my studio partners (Pretty RAW, working on clothes now). Hope you like it, any C&C is welcome. :smiley: