busts wip

Hello. my first post here. I’m coming from ZBrush.fr, french forum. (funny one, some of us are hidden in this place too. let’s come and manage your french writing!!)
well, tonight, i’ve decided that i’m happy with this model, started on a 3dtotal chalenge basemesh. something like 2.5hours yet. hope i’ll render, and why not animate it in Blender soon.
it’s suppose to be Russel crowe, fantastic actor, here in gladiator, short hairs are easier in ZB!


C’est tres bien!

I really like it, to make it look a bit more like him you should try adding some more weight

Thanks! I’ll had the weight he’s got now later! i’d like to make a render based on his work in “a beautifull mind”.

Good One)

First update in blender. just diffuse an Normal Maps. some bones, eyes, teeth.crowebl.jpg

an other test with fur. well, i’m going to try with hair, and work the subject to find something like i made in ZB, hopely better!crowebl3.jpg

He’s definitely in there. A nice sculpt… extra mass, yes!
Look forward to seeing it progress! :+1:

Yeah, I can see the resemblance. It looks like a more cartoony version of him that may lend itself well to animation.

well! hard to make it rignt outside of ZB…so, having a brake with some polypainting…:roll_eyes: croweDIFFUSE.jpg

When you rendered in Blender did you use Luxrender?

no, it’s only Blender renderer. i’m truing to make it with Yafaray, but it’s on a big bug today…

Nice sculpt, a gladiator indeed. Very nice. :+1:
You need an armor too, just some parts.
About blender: reduce specular value, try to use displacement and normal maps after you read this excellent thread about mental ray, same for internal blender render.
There’s also an interesting thread in blenderartists forum about SSS and hair, its on the banner now.
Its part of my workflow too.

Looks awesome!
Dough one thing russel crowe is fatter around his jaw and cheeks.

I think i’ll never be able to make some finished realistic Z sculpt.
here some other faces i made last year, based on french presidents or ministers also actors

I think thats the best i can do!!:roll_eyes: :o :stuck_out_tongue:Jacques2.jpgJeanmarc.jpgMITTERAND4.jpgNIMOY4.jpgEMMERDEUR1.jpgNICO.jpgDOMI4.jpg

still based on the same idea…an other bust!:slight_smile:


today’s one! very frenchy, at last!!
and first render test (blender 2.5)SEXSYMBOL.jpgvalery.jpg

Good sculpt! And Blender has a pretty good renderer, doesn’t it? :+1:

Tiens, VGE…
“Au revoir…”

Nice job on that sculpture and character…He has a good feeling of emotion captuered in his character…I like his exagerated skull dome…reminds me of ancient Chinese mythology characters…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:

how! thanks a lot!!! for comments and stars!
i have to make a diffuse, and then to try some facial animations on it!

still working on “busts”, something like an angrious troll, asking “you’re shure you wana tell me somethin’??” :smiley: