Buffalo Challenge

WailingMonkey,Atwooki,Disco Stu,

Thanks for the work on the mesh. A little later I am going to import into Maya and fix the ears eyes and horns. They look fine for z but could flow smoother, plus the placement could be a little. Or could that issue be solved with a retopology? what do you guys think?

Perhaps I am just being a picky jerk that doesn’t appear grateful ---- I really am grateful for all the interest. and rework.

Here are some reference pics to gain an understanding of what I mean

[attach=93039]1.jpg[/attach] [attach=93040]2.jpg[/attach]

[attach=93042]4.jpg[/attach] [attach=93043]5.jpg[/attach]

[attach=93044]6.jpg[/attach] [attach=93045]7.jpg[/attach]

[attach=93046]bison side3.jpg[/attach] [attach=93047]1a.jpg[/attach] [attach=93048]2.jpg[/attach] [attach=93049]1.jpg[/attach] [attach=93050]2.jpg[/attach] [attach=93051]51450864_bisonshoof.jpg[/attach]









bison side3.jpg







I wouldn’t use that mesh for anything but sculpting, personally…and I just
put UVs onnit for giggles (was just ‘unwind’ time), even though once a new
retopo mesh has been created from a final sculpt it will need all new UVs as
well. Thanks for adding more resource pics. :slight_smile:

(P.S. thanks for the kind words, Atwooki…was just having a bit o fun)

Hey guys finally got some decent ref pics.

This is a young bull all the same animal. I am probably going to install my ref shots on my other thread in the Community section under flea market.

[attach=93057]three quarter.jpg[/attach]

Here is some more[attach=93054]front.jpg[/attach] [attach=93055]sidea.jpg[/attach]




three quarter.jpg

Hi Guys,

I couldn’t fix the horns in Maya (My server is being worked on again. ]
so I reworked the WailingMonkey mesh.

I am trying not to sub-d yet, so its a rough in again. here is the ref.

Oh and by the way Thank you everyone for participating and posting, keep em coming its getting better and better.




Sorry, here are the mesh shots.





top copy.jpg

Check out the bison reference from my Community post “flea market”


check the thread and add more

I spent some time working with Atwooki’s
Original mesh

I’d already started on it, and I like a nice low res mesh as my base.

I creased under the hooves for the first subdivide, then removed the creasing and divided down to subdiv 4 to ‘split’ them. then I worked on
the mesh trying to pick the best subdiv for what I needed to change.

This was as far as I got (see attached). It’s nowhere near finished, even
at this subdiv.

I see the problem with the ears. They should be lower and under the horns.
I’ll take another look at the base mesh when I next get the chance.

Then I got sidetracked.

Feel free to crit both the model and my technique. I need the practice.





Thank you for the interest and links, I will follow up as soon as I get time --this is finals week for my students.

(Yet Another Base Mesh :smiley: ).

Hey Medicinehorse7 no problem… (Students in what may I ask?) I’m just
having fun here.

I decided my base mesh wasn’t quite right, so I tweaked it. Although I
admit that, had I known what an adventure it would be, I might not have!

I tried about 10 times to do a simple retopo in ZB, but it defeated me. For
some reason all the bugs come out and bite you at subdiv 1.

So I downloaded the latest Blender and did it there. I had to learn enough
Blender mesh editing to do that, which took a few false starts.

Then of course I had to put the UV’s back, and I’d forgotten to bring Atwooki’s eyes along. Doh!

Eventually, I got it stitched back together with the UV’s and all (I think).
So I re-did my edits down to subdiv 4 again.

The pic here shows what I did to the mesh (all that work just for that lol!)

The other attachment is my ZTL at subdiv 4.





Thanks alot I checked the ztl its great. That sure is alot of work for this project and I sure do appreciate it. The base looks great and I am sure we can all use it.

I am a Graphic arts and Film teacher in a vocational program in AZ. I am Sioux and work and live among the Navajo’s. I have great opportunities here within the 4 corners region for possible real world project to spin out of the models made here.

Any culturally significant project that would include training Native youth has grant money written all over it. I was involved in writing a 4 million dollar grant and we got the grant so this little project may have a very large potential. I just need to find professionals of a high degree and network a little. So at any rate lets see what fruit this little thread may bare. Once again thank you and I will be working this mesh to see what I can do with my small skill:rolleyes:


Glad you think the ZTL may be useful. I’ll continue working with it myself
(I’m presently trying to figure out the back of the hooves). Although as
a 'Weekend ZBrusher" my progress will likely be quite slow, I think
working on challenge posts like yours has to be a good way to improve
my skills with ZB.

FYI. I noticed a little problem with the ZTL…

The eyes (now a separate subtool) don’t have the Activate Symmetry button
turned on. Not a big issue. But if you re-position them using “Move”, they
will move together instead of symmetrically and will be tricky to re-align
(especially as resym on a subtool doesn’t work). It’s probably a good idea to
get that Activate Symmetry button turned on soonest. Else you might end up
re-importing the eyes from the original ZTL (like I just had to).

Someday I’ll have to revist AZ. I spent 5 years there (in Phoenix working
for Motorola) and I sure loved the climate. Now I’m back in soggy
Cambridge. U.K. :smiley: Never got up to Four Corners though.



Hey Grey worked a little on your latest mesh, Im going slow and learning new tools, what to do and what not to do. Its slow going but Im gettimng faster. Thanks again for the mesh help.

May 28 2008_1.jpg


May 28 2008_2.jpg

May 28 2008_3.jpg

May 28 2008_4.jpg



Hey Medicinehorse, looking good. Better than my progress already.

On the ‘problem areas’, maybe you just need to leave them until you
subdivide once or twice more? Sometimes it’s a mistake to try and
get a low res mesh to hold too much detail, especially as a subdivide
will tend to smooth details away.

BTW: In case you hadn’t spotted it. The mesh I posted is ‘creased’
(to stop subdiv smoothing) in two areas. The base of the horns and the
divides between the hooves.

Thanks for those pics, esp’ the one of the hooves. It’s tricky finding
good reference pics for those.


Ok so the forum has been slow as dog lately.
Yes I still keep a watchful eye on my favorite place to roam.
I love these bison so I thought I would join in.

I’m Going a diferent route than a statue. But that will progress later on.

For now heres my head after playing around with the idea of “bison skull” Boy these guys have fat heads.

Base meshs sorta slow the progress down and limit the imagination sometimes in my workflow. I just made mine out of a Squcircle if thats ok. :wink: I’ll retopo it later.




Bison Hair

All i can say is intresting.
Just have to learn to let go I guess.



Hey guy thanks for the post, I like your take on the head. I know what you mean about a fat head , from my take the older the bulls get the fatter the head. I have been downloading my refs from Flickr and have found some skinney narrow cow heads as well. The hooves are a little slow for me, thanks you guys again for your efforts and interest.

Hiya cannedmushrooms

I like the heads. Welcome!

Funny about the ‘fat heads’ thing…

I just shrunk my meshes head a little (in <-X->) after coming to believe
that I was being misled by the head shot ‘Young Bull’ reference that (I
think) MedicineHorse7 posted.

Its obviously taken close up, with a relatively wide-angle lens. I think
its making the bulls noggin look somewhat over inflated, even for a bison.

Mind you, they are still big.


Kotanka has sought revenge for his peoples hardships.

Not liking the idea that his people have been thrown off cliffs and turned into coats and burger.

He lofts his prize high in warning not to toss any more poor defenseless bison over a cliff and make statues of it!

What is his prize?

More to come on this WIP


haha, nice one jason.
hey you know if you ever want to do a zbrush comic i’m right there with you. (about whatever, not just superhero buffalo)


Sweet, take on the theme dude, that actually has promise as a storyline.

Sorry I haven’t been here for a little while, I just got the entire digital bundle from Gnomon and have been watching training tapes for days. I am currently practising my wacom skills. I will soon get back to business, later guys.