Buffalo Challenge

Hi all,

If anyone had seen Quadarts " Kudu Charge" and have been imressed as I was at the level of detail and potential that it offers i.e. taxidermist molds, movies, Monuments etc… Certainly, animals of all types offer a great challenge.

The animal that interests me the most is the Bison. I have seen sets such as http://www.head-smashed-in.com/ in Fort Macleod Canada and feel that a buffalo jump project could be a viable challenge worth pursuing. Additionally, here is a site that Kevin Costner helped establish. http://www.storyofthebison.com/photogallery.asp

Aside from that fact that big bucks where exchanged for the piece and that The natives a peeved at Mr. Costner, I admire the thought and art.

Here is the Challenge: Create Buffalo going over a jump. Post bases meshes and rework as necessary. Create them as you see fit, realistic,[stylized ie. marble, bronze, stone etc.

Keep the styles varied - loose, anatomically tight, etc , but create a piece that could be presented as a possible monument or museam presentation.

If you have what it takes lets pursue it and do a paid commission. Small or large, I am game.

Here are some reference shots:






Oh and i forgot;

Check out the “flea market” in the community forum. Canned Mushrooms has made an upload linksite for us. I put some nice Buffalo refence shots as well as fur.

that fourth image was used on U2’s One single benefiting AIDS i believe.
Another interesting challenge MH7, but it would be nice for you to show us what your models look like as well.


I am doing around 700 rubrics (5 strands) for my VoTech classes right
now and reconfiguring my server and workstations. I dont have access at home at the moment, so when everything free’s up a bit, I will be contributing as well as my classes.

Here try this Zphere base
it is a simple zphere model

I had a stab at a base mesh. The heads not too good, but it IS low res.
Feel free to play with it. It’s actually based on a reindeer mesh with an
‘antlerectomy’. :slight_smile:





Thank you very much, I just had my entire lab reconfigured so I should be able to work on this project myself soon.


I tried the mesh that you made and the body doesnt seem to work with some tools, The transpose was ok on the head, but after that the inflate brush would not work on the body. The funny part is that it works on the head, but move down with the tool and nothing. Is this a bug in my program or the mesh?

I unzipped and checked the tool. It looks OK. Did you perhaps set up a mask
for the transpose and leave it in place? Maybe turning off Masking/ViewMask?

Try a Ctrl-Shift-A to clear any mask.


Hi Guys,

Great challenge! I don’t have time to partake myself, but tweaked grey32’s mesh a little further :wink:

Feel free to tinker with and use at will :slight_smile:




I took and tweaked your mesh further and I feel it has good potential.
I subdivided a few times and am posting this current model.
Here are some shots.finals_5 copy.jpg


finals_4 copy.jpg

oops hit the wrong button here is the final shofinals_3a copy.jpg t and the file.

Hey, good job on that rework AtWooki, especially the head. Thanks.
I think was trying too hard to keep the poly count low and avoid going
back into re-topo’ :wink:

Looking great MedicineHorse7. I think that glitch is just a render/redraw
problem. I see it a lot at low res. It goes away as you subdivide.

(E.G. See below for the same model on my screen.)

Now I’m going to have to try and improve my mediocre skills by taking this
one further myself!



Thanks :slight_smile:

That ‘glitch’ is from Tool --> Display Properties --> Double ON.
Turn OFF and it’ll disappear.

Here's a Bison ZSphere Tool also - just a quickie; but might come in handy ;) [![bisonZTool.jpg|512x364](upload://tDYFBCyGU74xL0LLz5am3Trjzhw.jpeg)][](http://www.custom3d.co.uk/bison/bisonRef.zip) Looking forward to seeing your results! cheers


Thanks for the new model tried it but ran into a few glitches,

Try this new one, I fixed the 6 tri center on the forehead now it is better. There are problems with the horns and the ears they are all wrong. I will clean them up in Maya and repost. Also If someone can start on the feet that would be good.

here is some reference as well as the new mesh.


and here is the mesh




oops–have to stop hitting submit

Fixed the head centre tris & symmetry, Medicine; but am out of time right now :frowning:

Hope this helps some…



just fixed a hole near the tail, took out the triangles and re-worked a tiny
bit on the top of the head…also has different UVs now.

up fer grabs if anyone wants it. :slight_smile:



yeah nice with that fine uv´s ill try it again i started with the first mesh but it was a mayor pain in the ass especialy the feet so ill restart with this mesh

Hi WailingMonkey

That bison mesh looks highly usable - nay, great!! Many thanks…

Sure all here will appreciate your efforts there no end :slight_smile: