Bryan Silva | doodles

Heres tonights doodle. Think I’ll pick him back up tomorrow night.





That’s one impressive doodle! errr :o

Thanks man. I just realized I didnt turn perspective mode on before screen capturing these shots :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff, was that from a sphere or import from obj then zbrush further?
Looks awesome btw.

Figured he looks kinda like an american political comentator I see sometimes on cnn…:smiley:

HAHA! You’re right! He looks just like James Carville!

LOL thats funny. I googled him and it does resemble the guy. I started with a generic base mesh I have. Heres a ficticious spider I’ve been working on. Hes been fun as hell to work on. Never did any insect inspired subjects. Still in progress. Definatley want to complete this one.








Oh and thanks to Erklaerbar for the matcap material! I started with one of the paint materials and tweaked the modifiers a bit and then threw an orange color on it. Love the way it looks on the model.

That’s very clean modeling! Really strong lines, so compliments, and keep posting those ´doodles´. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hey that spider is looking phenomenal

I particularly like the treatment of the spider’s skin. It reminds me both of a skull and a leathery elephant skin at the same time…

I think you can continue this with the rest of the spider’s body… maybe give it a bit of a wrinkly skin, and instead of traditional exoskeleton maybe you can give it a skeleton, with ribs and a spine protruding beneath the layer of thick skin… just an idea

the only crit i have so far is that the head is a very simple shape when you look at the overall silhouette… maybe you can emphasize the cranium/forehead or exaggerate the cheek bones…

love it man, i think you can keep going all the way with this thing and once it’s textured, posed and lit you’ll have a really fantastic model!

Mean looking spider for shure. :+1:

Wow! That spider head is very clean and steady modeling. Good stuff.

Plakkie - thanks. It didnt start clean. I started with a sphere and was able to retopologize the mesh using that chock full of knowledge thread of yours :slight_smile:

rcabrales -
thanks for the kind words and ideas. They definitely are worthy of exploring. I’ll give them a try while I figure out what to do with the body. Im just winging it here. I’ll see if I can come up with a way to enhance the overall sillohette of the head.

Giantsun & jais
- thanks for the encouragement.

Im going to try and work on it some more tonight. Gotta see if the wife’ll let me :slight_smile:

An update. A polypaint experiment, some leg love. Not sure If I’ll stay with the polypaint or not. WHat do you think of it? Anyway still more to come…






this spider its amazing,very good work 5+

Thank you! I decided to take a step awayfrom the spider for the evening. I will post what doodle Im now having fun with soon.

That’s one wicked looking spider!:+1:

Have you thought about giving it any hair or fuzz?

Eeeeek! Cool spider!!

Thanks guys! I havent decided yet whether or not to give the spider hair. We’ll see, anyway like I stated above I decided to step away from the spider for a few so it doesnt get stale. I picked up two old ztools I had started and went to town on one and threw them together into a possible scene. Just F’n around “doodling”. Like?










Wow, now that’s really cool.

Maybe you create a fighting scene between superheros and have the spider in the background observing, eating popcorn hehe.

Those are really good though, I’m impressed.

Well spank my ass and call me charlie! These are incredible!

You are one seriously talented dude.
Kudos! Some of the best Zbrushing i’ve ever seen!

BTW… my money is on the smaller guy.