Bringing back an old friend

Needed a ZBrush fix so I started this guy. Very early stages but I think you can tell what it is suppose to be. Still lots to do.



Keepin it real…:+1:

Nice Demon, keep on posting want to see the evolution :+1:

Great! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you, master Rick.

My favourite creature from the cantina sequence , feeling a little nostalgic once again :slight_smile: It made me smile !

Yes dazzan it was meant to be my devil guy that was in Star Wars. It was a mask that I actually made years before SW and threw it into the mix. Didn’t realize it was going to be as featured as it was.I worked on him more today. I was tempted to make it better than the mask but decided to keep it looking like a mask. Still not quite done but this is all I can do on it today.SWD-3.jpg

Very cool looking once’s been colored!

Yes , thats the chap ! I have just relooked at the original non cgi version of the cantina sequence , just for old times sake . There was a lot of well known background monsters hanging around , and I`m sure I had a couple of the toys from the cantina a few years down the line . Hammerhead was the other one I remember & the Band !

Its really nice to see Zbrushed form !


OK I am going to call him done. Maybe later I will add some more of the cantina aliens.

Oh, how narcissistic of you Rick :wink:

Looking great! :+1:

The Fraud is sparkling from his eyes! :slight_smile: Great capture! and thats what makes the character so alive :+1:

Great job Rick.
Old friend indeed. I’ll admit it, that one scared me a little when I was a kid.

Love it. I own some Disney stock, and now by extension, Lucasfilm, so it thrills me greatly to know that the great Rick Baker is involved and interested in Star Wars still!


I love this guy! He always creeped me out when I was a kid. I could tell it was a Rick Baker piece from the anatomy in the thumbnail! Awesome stuff!
-Dario CiVon

Thanks guys.
Eric maybe you know something that I don’t know but I’m not involved in the new Star Wars yet anyways. It would be cool to revisit it again though.
I see a lot I would like to fix on this model .If I get some time I will try and update a better version of him. Still would like to add some fellow Cantina members too.

Yeah, maybe just my wishful thinking. Well, that’s okay, because I believe in “wish-craft.”

I just can’t believe that J.J. would use only Neville Page as the creature man on Star Wars 7… not when he can avail himself of talent like yours, talent that went into helping to create effects for the first movie. Maybe we’ll have to start a petition.



Well Eric lets hope your wish-craft works. Couldn’t help myself added a little fill light and made his eyes smaller and added more smoke in the BG.
BTW this is a ZBrush render

Just gorgeous!!!



Amazing expression! I like the way the forehead incorporates into the horns, and the lighting set up is great too. And thank you very much for the reply! It means a lot :slight_smile: -Doggy