Bringing back an old friend

This guy was one of my favorite Mos Eisley aliens, also the creepiest of the whole bunch. I’m a huge fan of your work, and its great to see this guy back again.

Thanks guys, I am going to try and find time to do more of the cantina aliens and put them together in a shot.

Ok I started a friend for the other guy.

Very nice. I could recall this guy quite vividly !

Bringing the band back together,it seems. :wink:
Nice to see you posting again.

Hi Rick,

I hope you will do the whole collection :slight_smile: Like we say in french, “encore !” (more!)

OK Here is one that only the hard core Star Wars fans will recognize because it doesn’t show up in the movie but in the TV special.
Not only the band jmeyer.
Totyo here is another one for you.

We never been able to have these shows outside of the US if I’m not wrong. But thank you YouTube :slight_smile:

The Modal Nodes were always one (three) of my favourites from Star Wars - great design !
Not using Modo much anymore Rick ?

Thanks for the memories Monstermaker!

I do believe George Lucas himself sent out probe droids to the far reaches of Earth to hunt down copies of Star Wars Holiday special .

Be nice to see them all together :slight_smile:



OK I slapped some polly paint on this guy and played with the materials some.
SIWEB, hey nice to hear form you.I still like Modo but since the addition of BPR renders I don’t se it as necessary to use it for renders as I once did. It is nice to not have to make UV’s and displacement maps even though ZB has made that very easy to do now.Thanks for liking the designs, These were all mine.Remember these were done in the 70’s so they aren’t like modern aliens. The Devil guy was done in the very early 70’s way before Star Wars.

Yes, this is awesome! I love the shapes in this last guy. It’s good to see him again.

Rick… get these into Keyshot bud…you will thank me later:+1:

Keyshot huh? is there a go z for it? Isn’t that what Cherub rock is using?

Hey Rick,

Really diggin’ the eyes on this guy !

I hear what you’re saying about the BPR renders and agree, plus there is a certain illustrative punchiness to the look you get from Zbrush that I think adds to character work.

With relation to what ministerart.co.uk was saying - I don’t think there is a go-z for keyshot and you would still have to generate all the uvs and maps but as you say that is fairly easy now with uv-master etc. I have been seeing some cool stuff come out of keyshot but being more realistic in it’s lighting I think you have to punch up the textures and the forms of the sculpt for it to really pop !

I was just thinking it’s a shame you didn’t have the rights to the modal nodes character/s it/they would have fitted right in as a cameo with some of the retro bulb-headed aliens you did for MIB 3. Done in the seventies yet still classic…and that tune…:slight_smile:

Very COOL work as always Rick!
I recognized the devil head right away. I have always liked how “natural-looking” the face was in that mask.
That last one…posted, looks real nice…love the design, colors, and lighting.

Have you had a chance to look at modo 701?

Ok here is another obscure one, I just found out that they named him Tarinto. This was another mask that I had made years before Star Wars but let them use as a cantina inhabitant. He was originally a concept for a Frankenstein’s monster. In the cantina he had a blanket around his head yet to be modeled.

Roger , there is a Modo 701? I’ll have to catch up.

Had I not read that I would of thought he was Frank from Hellraiser, now I need to watch the cantina scene more closely.
Super cool history!

I like where this last portrait is going and I love the finished ‘mr. Big Brain’.
If you have time to look at the new Modo, you might find this realistic skin tutorial interesting for your renders

Ok I polypainted him and made a quick furry blanket to wrap around his head as it was in the film. Then did a BPR render. I am curious to try MODO 701 and KEYSHOT but I must say I am pretty happy with what you can render in good old ZBRUSH,such a big improvement over what you could do in the old days with it.It is nice not having to generate maps and such.