Boulp's sketchbook

Really nice sculptures. I like your classic feel style.

Wow I wasn’t expecting feedbacks like that, Thank you very much guys ^^
And sorry about the little MA logo that I forgot to add !

This is just awesome stuff! :+1:

Bravo, excellent

Thank you very much ^^

I went through your sketch book amazing work :smiley:
it motivates me to work harder


Glad you like it, thanks guys ^^

Great work. Love this last sculpt.

Great seeing you on here mate, really stunning pieces. Your anatomy skill is just astonishing, love the solid sculpts aswell.:+1:
Your work is a big inspiration and motivation for me. Congrats to TopRow, well deserved and really looking forward to your further
projects.:+1: Thanks for giving such a great feedback on my sketchbook, means a lot to me mate!:slight_smile:
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Simply brilliant! I was considering Scott’s online class…this may have sealed the deal :wink:

Call me an odd fetish freak but those feet are not top row.

Gorgeous sculpts. Really love the renders on the anatomy studies too.

cool! you deserve the top row for sure

Thank you so much guys for your support and your comments ^^
It’s a true honor to see my work highlighted on this forum, a big thanks to the ZBC moderators :smiley:

I often have questions about Scott Eaton’s workshop, so just a few more details about it. You can find everything you need on his website, but for those who are wondering, I started with his “artistic anatomy” workshop, and did the “figure sculpture” workshop a few month after with the full enrollment option.

It’s quite an intense pace of work, specially if you have a full time job, but I’ve learnt SO much from him, and his feedbacks on every assignments were priceless.
Even if English is not your first language (I’m french and my English is far from brilliant !!!) his accent is quite easy to understand :wink:

Really amazing works! Great stuff! :+1:

amazing beautiful work

Dear Gregory. Your modeling and sculpting work is top row, top notch, your works are of very high skill and the models presented in a very professional manner. Scott Eaton’s work is unreal as well of course. In my opinion you could be one of the presenters in his workshops! Your sculpts have power, weight and grace. Thank you for sharing.

PS> I think it is a shame that the new ZB forum has this new “MA” tagging, art does not need to hide behind a mature rating, the human form is something of beauty, if someone is offended, then they can express their opinions along with the other comments, this is a simple and beautiful sculpting forum for ZBrush.

Very kind regards.