Boulp's sketchbook

Hi all,
Just wanted to show some of the models I was working on these last months during my spare time. Only personal stuffs, no pro jobs, that’s what a sketchbook is made for ^^




These are some fantastic sculpts you have here. Keep up the good work!:+1:

And here are some anatomy studies made during Scott Eaton’s workshop. Awesome teacher, awesome courses ^^
It was 10 intense weeks, but I learnt so much from him. The community as well was great, sharing wips, tips and tricks. I can’t recommend it enough.


Beautiful work like the angry kid great facial expression.

Really strong work!
Tell us a little something about your workflow. Is it all ZBrush, using a basemesh or Dynamesh straight away?
Would love to see you do some polypainting, these babies need to live in color!
Keep 'em coming.

oh wow, these are amazing!

Thank you all for the warm welcome ^^
I’ve added some pictures from my workshop with Scott Eaton, I don’t know why but it has been added after truubluu’s comment instead of next to the last one, but nevermind, the pictures are uploaded now !

Some new pictures are coming soon.

Nice work! I really like the anatomy studies. will keep an eye on this thread to see more:)


wow really cool stuff! You have a good grasp of anatomy, fantastic!

very cool works, I especially like the anatomy studies…how does the class work if you don’t mind me asking?
I.E. Online, with mini assignments - how are the ten weeks spread out? what is the curriculum?

One more question, do you guys all model the same male with the stick, because it looks so familiar…Thanks and
keep up the great work

i love your anatomy study. great job.

Thanks a lot for all your comments ^^

To answer your questions d100763, these renders are the kind of weekly assignments we’ve got to do. We focus on separated elements the first 5 or 6 weeks, and finish the workshop with a full figure sculpture.

Usually, Scott starts by describing the part of the body we are focusing on, doing a general overview and drawing on top of references. After, we have commented time-lapses (real-time or accelerated) of his sculpture, where he explain how to deal with the general shapes and the most tricky part. He is generally drawing a lot on top of his own model to explain how muscles are layering each other, where they originate and insert, …

For the final weeks, we can choose between 3 different poses of the same model, from a simple one, to something a bit more challenging ! The one I’ve done is the “medium level” one.

If you have other questions, you should find a better answer here ^^ :

This is some great work. I really like your anatomy studies from Scott’s class. I’d like to do that class someday. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, truly impressive work you got going on…looking forward to more…Thanks again

Hey ^^

I’ve been quite busy last month, but still had some time to study a little bit.
Those pictures have been created thanks to references that Scott Eaton provided to all his students at the end of his sculpture workshop.

It was quite relaxing to sculpt curves instead of muscles ^^ But not easier !

For those who are wondering, very lo-res base mesh done in Maya, and everything else in Zbrush, from sculpting to render. Just a bit of extra love in Photoshop for one of them :wink:


beautiful man…love the lady a lot

beautiful sculpture. wonderful curves, great mood. and wonderful anatomy studies too.

Very good job, nice sculpt, i also really like the hair. :+1:

Real nice work! :+1:

Amazing skill!