Blend Shapes Export - Information, Installation and FAQ

Awesome plugin. Thanks a bunch!


Unreal Engine 3 packs blendshape support last I checked. It packs with your skeletal model export under languages like “morph meshes” or something like that.

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Waoooow Awesome, congretulation ViVa PiXo

looks like a really useful plugin, could potentially save me a lot of time with a project im doing at the moment.

Considering this exporter works using the different layers in zbrush, is it in any way possible to create morph targets from multiple versions of the same ztool?

To clarify… im working with multiple 3d scans of a face. iv applied the neutral face scan information to a basic head in mudbox via displacement, and taken the resulting mesh to zbrush to sculpt and retopologize. I then need to apply the scan data of other expressions to this to act as morph targets. is there a way to do this inside zbrush as different layers so this plugin works? its important that i use the scan data to construct the new expressions as the project revolves around the accuracy of laser scanning technology.

My initial idea was to take the new topology base mesh to mudbox and apply the displacement again for the other expression, then bring that mesh back to zbrush to sculpt again. But that will mean its a new tool and there will be no layer information relating to the neutral face mesh. Is there any way to work around this so that i can utilize this plugin?


Max users: Morpher, at least to my recollection, doesn’t do additive blending. It averages targets. I believe both Maya and Zbrush use additive blending, so your results of using multiple targets will be different in Max. Morpher’s behavior would be one reason Luminox created MorphX2. MorphX2 is a freebie, but you’ll still have to do the setup manually and not be able to rely on FBX to do your dirty work for you with this plug-in, if you want your morphs to work exactly like Zbrush’s layers at least.

Thx 4 the new plugin!

amazing work Pixologic:+1:

Thanks for this cool plug in.
Can’t wait to try it.

nimajneb … what about messiah ? I’d be interested to know about this one …

Yeah it does. I’m using it right now on a project. Not sure if it would be worth it though to do blendshapes on a lowpoly head fillled with triangles though in zbrush. Would make more sense to just stick to maya for that. But don’t know…never tried to use zbrush for something like that.


Messiah let’s you choose which you want. Maya might too, don’t know it well enough to say. I know however that Max doesn’t, a fact I discovered trying to work through Mr. Osipa’s facial animation book, Stop Staring, which I highly recommend. With regards to the new plugin though, M:s still doesn’t do FBX import, so the Maya to FBX to Messiah workaround wouldn’t help.

Of course Max is using additive morphing…


Heh, just double checked this and I stand corrected. I swear this used to average but it is obviously adding targets.

no, don’t think so. adding something negative might of given you that impression.

so , it can be implemented in max ?

i dont see any use of this plug-in. ok procces automated but not good for animation. it is already hard to animate this kind of high poly mesh and i can’t imagine the scene a few more high-poly blendshape meshes. Besides even if they are low poly it is more accurute to sculpt blend shapes with maya to see the results with normal maps .you will probably need in-between blendshapes for more accurute muscle movement and it is nearly impossible to adjust that kind of high poly mesh with maya.
but maybe this can be helpful managing painting layers. that is what z-brush need but hasn’t accomplished yet. layer modes they need, more realistic paint brush they need.(not point point)

Ayep, DM. Should work just fine. And thank you, koyima & LY, for correcting me. I don’t like to lead folks astray.

and is there any chance someone will code that baby ?