Blend Shapes Export - Information, Installation and FAQ


Note: all plugins are now included with the ZBrush 4R7 installer. If you did not install a plugin then run the installer again.

For the latest information see the online docs here : http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/zbrush-plugins/

Blend Shapes are a key element to animating models in Maya and ZBrush provides a powerful method for creating them. Now, Blend Shapes Export takes this to the next level by allowing you to easily convert sculpted layers in ZBrush into blend shapes for Maya 2008 and above.

  • Allows you to build blendshapes inside ZBrush using 3D Layers.
  • Layers are automatically transferred directly to Maya.
  • Multiple layers and multiple SubTools can be used as desired.
  • Quickly see how your blendshapes perform in Maya.
  • Layer names you assign in ZBrush become blendshape names in Maya.

:large_orange_diamond: This plugin is available with ZBrush 4R6.

:large_orange_diamond: Installation

The plugin is automatically installed with the standard installation of ZBrush.

:large_orange_diamond: Frequently Ask Questions

Q: I don’t see Maya Blend Shapes in the Zplugin palette.
A: If you did a custom install of ZBrush then run the installer again and make sure you install the Blend Shapes Export plugin.

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Not sure this would be any use for games. But possibly for the film industry. Seems like this tool is just another button clicking saver. But if you have a file thats already got blends hooked up to it this tool would probably be useless. Good For possibly testing though?

cool plugin though

Incredible! I cant wait to try this when i get home. :+1:

This IS Awesome!

Hello, I think you currently have the links to the Plugin…swapped… MAC <-> PC. :smiley:

its really awasome…

Great! looks like we have a new toy to play with :wink:

This is really awesome! the only thing you need now is to be able to split the shapes with normalized masking. Then explode those into more layers and then export to maya.

any max version coming ? it looks damn amazing … as a matter of fact … I have long dreamt about such a tool … and now it’s there … it gives incredible possibilites … just waiting for a max version …

many many thanks

I hate Maya. Especially since Autodesk bought it.

Just what I have been waiting for!

I was just thinking about this today! thanks!!

Thank you pixo :slight_smile:

Nice plug-in for Zbrush - Maya

I’am a Max user just found out that…

  1. Zbrush to Maya with blend shapes exporter

  2. Just save right away In a FBX format

  3. Drag and drop FBX file into max viewport

  4. Blend shapes animation now appers in the Mopher modifer:p

Very useful… waiting for a max version however

wow, this is amazing :sunglasses: :+1: :+1: :+1: so super cool :roll_eyes: !!!

Hmm awesome! This could be very useful… :smiley:

that is sweet!

i would love to have this for XSI :)…it would definitely save me some work :slight_smile: