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Hi All,

I’ve been a big fan of Zbrush Central for some time. This is my first post here.

Being a big fan of Barontieri’s work and an avid supporter of Steambot Studios, I thought I’d try and tackle one of their original concepts. This one is of a futuristic racer which I came across via their Steambot book of awesomeness. I hope I did it justice! Done entirely in Zbrush from a basic dynamesh, then retopo’d seperate sections, and detailed. Finally, I textured him over the last couple of days and posed him for the final here… I like to think it’s a candid snap of him preparing for an upcoming race, smoking a cigar to relax, all the while maintaining focus as his ship is prepared. Rendering was done using BPR in Zbrush and comped in After Effects. Enjoy!

Steambot Racer - FINAL STILL - Extra Grade.jpg


Steambot Racer - FINAL STILL - Extra Grade.jpg

Bravo! Very nice first post. :smiley:


Hey there, thats really good! I like the sculpting and textureing you have done. Fine job, I dont know the artist you spoke of but i think the helmet looks almost like is would be suffocating for the pilot. Regardless its a good piece!

the pose looks a bit off… It’s pretty difficult to stand against the wall with your right arm on your back and feel comfortable… Try to use a more standard pose such as putting the right arms down to the side and the left hand closer to the mouth… or basically try to pick up a stick and see what kind of pose you can come up with in real life… Sorry, the animator side of me just kicked in :C

anyway modeling wise, the transition on the left elbow is a little bit too smooth. Yes I know he’s wearing a suit but there should be compression between the elbow… Try to give him a little bit of emotion instead of heaving him staring in the mid air.

overall cool model :smiley: keep it up man

Cool image. :wink:

Hey All. Here’s a little sculpt I’ve been messing around with in my spare time… Based on a character by Jonny Duddle. Built from Dynamesh spheres, sculpted, textured and rendered entirely in Zbrush. Comped in After Effects. Enjoy!




Ok… I figured I was finished, but of course with some spare time at work I decided to push this little guy a bit further. I have touched up some of the textures as well as adding some shoes. I toyed with the hair a bit too… God bless fibermesh! All done in Zbrush, including renders. My site has a couple of progress shots if you’re interested. Lighting and shaders would be good to tackle next, but ol’ Father Time will dictate that! Enjoy!





Really nice! Reminds me of the British actor, Lionel Jeffries.

I would think again about using the lens flare, though. :wink:

Hi all. Here’s a car I sculpted purely in Zbrush. You might recognise a few insert meshes courtesy of the fine folk on this forum. It was just a little test for me to get more comfortable using clipping brushes and panel loops. It started out as a faithful BRM sculpt from blueprints, but some of those insert brushes are wayyyyyyyyy too fun not to throw into the mix! Ha ha. All up, it took me about 16 hours from scratch using Zbrush primitives, and the main car shell coming from a Dynamesh sphere. Renderd with BPR and comped in After Effects. Enjoy!


Love it! Great Zbrush hardsurface modeling!

Outstanding !!! it looks really great.


To think, a car like this was but a ‘dream’ to make in ZBrush not to long ago. And now, WOW! That is totally AWSOME. Please do tell how you went about making it (or at least some tips??). I swear, when I first saw it, I thought “Maya or 3DS”. Way too cool.

I was thinking the same thing as Dragon. ZBrush has really grown beyond being just a program for organic sculpting. Great hard-surface work on this automobile. Looks really sharp! :+1:

The car is awesome reminds me of one from the Maxon Cinema4D pages, well done, nice to see vehicles done in Zbrush

Hi All. Thanks for the kind replies! I totally agree with you about how far Zbrush has come. It’s exciting for me to think how quickly you can produce an idea to a presentable level these days. Once, I would get bogged down in Maya with topology, UV’s, etc. Zbrush has managed to bypass a lot of this, with some amazingly efficient tools, and kept the focus more on the idea than the details.

Dragon: I can post up some tutorials in the near future about how I went creating some of the shapes. One thing I would recommend is jumping on google and finding some blueprints for anything… a car, building, some sort of shape… and just start playing in Zbrush with the clipping brushes and dynamesh. One thing I used to get hung up on was making my meshes hi-res too early on. The car shape began as a low 32 res sphere and I just used the move tool to get it to a rough shape, clipped it down using the various orthographic views of the blueprint, and then smoothed it. Because it was low res, the mesh smooths out a lot nicer than at higher divisions. Hope that makes sense, but will endeavour to illustrate it better when I get some time!

Thanks again!

Damn nice work…now a tutorial please…

Hi Mobotato. Oh, a tute would be AWSOME. But, very cool of you to explain how you start. I am glad you point this out, as some time ago (when Shadow Box came out), I started a hot rod but, like you point out, the dang thing went into super hig rez right away. Well, needless to say, the model (tool became so heavy, that just to open it, it takes some time).
Now, when you say ‘SMOOTH’, are you talking about the smooth brush, or some of the hard surface brushes or a combo of both or some other method? Please elaborate? The reason I ask and love your car, is, with my hot rod, I am still not happy with the surface. I look at your car and the surface looks so smooth (no lump, bumps, waves or any sign of ‘uneveness’). I have so many ideas for vehicles but have put them on the back burner cause I could never get the ‘surface’ as smooth as you have it. Again, a little demo on how you were able to achieve this would be great.
On another note, between you, Jackdarton, Gary Komar, and EZRA53… you folks are really pushing ZBrush to make vehicles… in which I find very cool!

Ok, looking back now I was a little unhappy how my Steambot guy turned out (the character at the start of this thread). In hindsight there are a million things I would change, mostly in his facial expression. I was originally going for a day-dreaming ‘this-is-the-biggest-race-of-my-life’ quiet, reflective moment… Now he just seems bland. So… here’s a super expressive pic of him! Giving it all he’s got, on the verge of death!?! A real ‘the moment before IT happened’ style pic… All done in Zbrush… Posed, textured, lit, rendered and then comped in After Effects. I like that he doesn’t look ‘real’, but like a stylised, almost painted, character. Or maybe it’s just late and I should be in bed… Enjoy!




Ya, ya, I get it, it kinda reminds of those Heavy Metal ‘painted’ covers from the eighties. Good work with the expression. I like the deep ‘flesh’ colour on him.

Hi All. Here is a sculpt I put out over the last 2 days. It was a bit quiet at work, so between small jobs here and there, and waiting for client feedback, I figured a new sculpt was in order. Her name is Masquerade and she’s a post WW2 comic superhero. Her back story is a bit wishy-washy, where as a socialite, she visited a Mardi Gras and needed a costume. She found this one and although the salesperson told her it was consumed by the ‘spirit of justice’, she went for it. She stops a criminal, feels all warm and fuzzy inside, and decides that crime-fighting is for her… As you do. So here she is… Sculpted entirely in Zbrush, textured and lit and rendered using BPR. Final comp done in After Effects. It was my first effort using Fibermesh for something other than short hair or stubble, and have learnt a lot since. It’s a powerful tool, but there’s definitely a learning curve there. Anyways… Enjoy!