Keep doing my rendering practice. Still have too many issues, I have to do more and more.


Nice work on the Jackie Chan’s portrait! No doubt it’s him, but I think you have too much red/orange color for the diffuse and it looks too much like small dots everywhere. It should be less visible, a little bit desaturate I think :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Totyo, that’s right, I’ll try to reduce the dots.

Made some color corrections in photoshop to reduce the dots on his face.



Hello everyone,
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions again! Those are very helpful to help me improve.
This is another updated image. I’m still working on settings in maya to get more realistic skin and hair.
I hope you can help me to make him more real.

Thanks a lot!

I think the skin is a lot better that way. I think it needs more color variations (cold areas, warmer areas) as the color by itself, except the dot aspect, is too uniform.

Thanks a lot Totyo, I see what you said. I’ll do more color correction in photoshop.


This is an updated sketch W.I.P. My main purpose is practice sculpting the antomy.

good job:+1:

Thanks aidin-crow

This is an image I rendered in maya.




This is an updated image of my earlier work, just for fun. Rendered in Zbrush and finalized the image in Photoshop.


This is an updated image of this guy. I’m still learning how to render a better image.

Hi everyone,

This is another updated image of Jackie Chan’s portrait. I hope this update make the image look more like him.

Jackie is my favorit actor ever. I hope you like this.


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He is very vivid,i think his face is a little longer.

Thanks a lot! I’m still trying to make him look better.

Hi Everyone,

This is my newest W.I.P. model. It’s all done in zbrush just do some random hard surface sculpting and have fun with insert brushes.

I’ll keep working on it to paint some colors and try to give him a pose, and also thinking to add some more accessories to make more interesting.

I hope you like this model. I’m glad to hear any comments and suggestions from you.


Hi everyone,

This is a Jet Li’s portrait study. I’m still working on the likeness, and I would like to hear any comments and suggestions form you.
I hope you like it.

you’ve got some amazing pieces, that robot with all the insertmesh and Mr Chan are terrific, and I’ve recognized Jet li from the post Icon so likeness must be good :wink:

I’d love to see your worflow or a tuto for your Hbot mech:+1:

The likeness’s spot on. Very nice work.

This is a new image of this character. Everthing is done in Zbrush to study the new features.