Hi everyone,

This is a very quick sketch I have done within one hour. It helps me to refresh my mind during focus too much on other projects.



Excellent sculpt !

Hi All,

This is an updated image of my earlier work. I redo the rendering, and paint a little bit in photoshop.


Sweet work there, I have that toy on my desk and always thought it would be fun to sculpt.

Thanks man, I had the same toy for a long time. I just cannot stop look at this guy. :cool:

Any thoughts of adding in the chains?

You actually made an extreme dinosaur, that is sooooo cool! Really great work, but be awesome to a render where it looks like a real toy :smiley:

That Dino is badass, great job :).

Oh, sure I should do that later. That will help to add more details~

Thanks, I won’t take the credit for the design, the toy itself is so cool. I’ll try to play with the shader as rendering practice.

This is my newest sketch.

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to improve my rendering skills. So, this is my newest rendering of a very old model. I’ll do more in the future.

Cool grandpa! Colorful character. The character is clearly noticed by. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

wonderful sculpts one and all!

Hi everyone,

This is another rendering skills study. It’s one of my old models. I just take some time setup the materials and play with the settings in maya.

I learned a lot by doing this, and my sculpting will show a much better result; even this very old model. I’ll keep doing this…


Thank you very much! Lexxx69 and SammehSAMURAI

Hello Everyone,

This is my newest concept sculpting W.I.P… I just finished part of the texture painting, and try to get some test result with very simple layers.

I’ll do some more work soon on this.

Hi all,

This is an updated image of this character.

Gorgeous model :+1: