Beta stuff

I haven’t post in a long time, but I just couldn’t resist to mention how much I admire you works! Even the ones you made in preschool… ok, I really overdid it this time. But really mad, AWESOME work, style, concepts and final images!
I can still remmember the fish and the bird-skull models.

The asymmetric little guy is fabulous!

Great work as always and please keep posting! :+1:

I still could bet some money that your preschool drawings were very cool too :wink:

elarcano… Thanks man!!!

excellent models! nice textures!

Your organical style is amazing… oO
I love the way you create all details…

Great work with all these pieces. I love the mushroom!

The mushroom man is one of my favorite images that I have ever seen. I really love his color and texture and the little flowers are such a nice touch. I can’t wait to see him in the game! Everything else is fabulous too!
A word comes to mind while looking at your models - svelte.
Thanks for posting!

Great work, I love it all. Especially I like the Wolf-man door knocker (I’ll have a brass version for my door, please :wink: ) and the mushroom man is perfect.

Very inspirational stuff, thanks for showing it !

Wonderfull style, modeling…***** Madmac

Just love it!


madmac, inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing:+1:

Great sculptings! :+1:

Your stuff/style is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Madmac, thanks for the fishhead zscript in the Birdman thread. I had to go back to Z2 to watch it, but it was worth it.

Holy cow…I love it all! You have some super inspirational stuff in here…makes me want to go back into my room and model! But I need sleep!! Hmmmmm… :o

very nice work

Hey mate, your style is amazing. Your work is a real inspiration for me, thanks so much. If you get time could you maybe explain how you get that…um…‘bulbusy’ sort of ‘blotchy’ look to that alien/imp/fairy looking character on the first page? his details are so unique, i really love that style!

Thanks again mate!

Cool stuff, I like your imagination.

Hello Everyone… I have to apologize for bringing this thread back from the dead but mostly I would like to apologize for not replying to all of you that took a time out of your day to respond to this thread. I got super busy and then I forgot. I’m sorry.

stalsby-Thank you!

Ldgree-Thanks, I love noodling out all the sublte micro architecture in organic forms.

Bryan Silva- Thank you…

redhairedartist- “The mushroom man is one of my favorite images that I have ever seen” That is probably one of the best compliments I have ever had! Thank you!

marcus_civis- Thank you… I got the idea from a real doorknocker. It didn’t have the mans head as the knocker part but the wolf part was similar. I was thinking it would be the kind of doorknocker a werewolf would have on his door. I like the symbology of the wolf controlling the man. When the full moon is out… nothing is going to stop the wolf from showing itself. This is a good example of me overthinking something :slight_smile:

toonafish-Thank you

Lucky_1- I appreciate it


Trurl-Thank you

Antropus- Thanks! I’m a big fan of your work!

Jaycephus-I’m glad you like the script, I had fun making it.

Pavlovich- Thanks… wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to sleep

javalabala- Thank you

explodingseashells- Thanks. I’m not really sure how it was done sitting here thinking about it. I should make another script so you can see it for yourself.

The Cheshire Cat- Thank you

Here is a textured version of the ixie… I hope you like it.

Thanks again everyone for all the kind words!IxieTextured01.jpg

Enchanting and at the same time so frightful… You are a Evil Genius! :wink:

Very well done Madmac :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Well I wouldn’t say genius, but evil maybe… J/K :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment Piz!