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wow those are some great compliments! Thank you very much!!!

sedicus: You don’t need Z3 to get that look. I’ve actually used that trick a lot with some fish I made awhile back. After you have established the large forms all you need to do is draw a line and blend out one side of it with the smooth brush. This gives you the plate look your talking about. I will say though the new “lazymouse” tool in Z3 makes this a bit easier. But it is still easy to do with version 2.

Hope this helps!
Thanks again for the kind words everyone :slight_smile:

Something I’m making for work… It still needs to be posed and tweaked a little but most of the modeling is done.


would you by chance be working on the movie version of American McGee’s Alice? :grimacing:

great game… grood example of a game as an artistic and immersive storytelling device… and your sketch here fits the style very well… I can totally see him in the fungiferous forest

Excellent! I love Mushrooms 8). But I would leave this one alone in the woods.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

SalmonGod… I’m not working on a movie, it’s for a game I’m producing based on a Fairy like world. This is part of a background. There might end up being three of these characters when I’m done.

lemonnado… thanks man, yeah I would avoid it as well, hard to tell if he woke up would he bestow wisdom or bite your head off… :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! Truly masterful execution.

That is some fine stuff you got there. I was a fan a couple of years ago and am continuously enamered with your style, concept, and approach, well…everything. Just love it! All!

I just have to add myself to the list of Madmac fans. I remember the fish head zscript you did a while back and not only was it a joy to watch but it should be noted that all your detail was patiently hand sculpted with an illustrative quality.
Always a pleasure when you post.


Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy looking at your art. So clean and fun all at the same time.

Great work,

NickZ. :slight_smile:

sweet modeling! it’s really cool that 3d art has progressed so far as to allow artists to have a really unique style that is easily spotted no matter what the subject matter.

I appologize for not responding sooner I didn’t get any e-mail notices that anyone responded to this thread.:confused:

Marsyas… Thank you!

Hey Neville… its good to hear from you again! Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot coming from you! I hope things are going well on your project. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

jelee Thank you very much… I’m honored! I had fun making the zscript, I’m glad you liked it. I really enjoy loosing myself in all the subtle details.

nickz Thank you :slight_smile:

Whistler Thanks! I think this software has set modelers free to express themselves more like the way painters can… and it keeps getting better :slight_smile:

Here is the finished “Mushroom Man” and a quick study for a “Neptune” model I’m thinking about making, I hope you like it:

Thank you all very much for the kind words!! Makes me want to get modeling…HEAD02.jpgSlumbering-Fungus.jpg

I love that mushroom! He looks like a wise but sour character.
It’s fun to already recognize some Z3 techniques and tools in that Neptune bust. The clay feeling is unmistakable. I thinks it’s a beautifull face already. Somehow I always picture Neptune as a very severe and angry God. This face looks more mild and wise to me.

Very nice job…keep good work…:wink:

Lovely… especially that expression captured in the face of the mushroom:+1:

Wow some how I have missed this thread until now. Really nice sruff madmac
I love your style. I want to see more!

all i can say madmac, is Refined. You really have carved a nitch out in terms of styling for yourself…i think its one of the hardest things to do as an artist and you’ve done it, very sweet work.

It’s soo cool :slight_smile: your skill are very sharp: just a small suggestion, try to break the siummetry in Neptune’s face it would make the image more interesting.thanks for sharing

I missed this thread, but better late then never, have to say; what great models you bring to the forum. Thanks for sharing.

nice update, although I must say that the excellent details on the mushroom’s face gets slightly washed out in this render and doesn’t do the model justice imo. great start on Neptune!

Plakkie- Thanks! The Neptune head was just a quick test. The model I’m thinking about making has him wrestling a sea monster… sort of, so I was planning on changing his expression a bit. But yeah I suppose he is angry most of the time. Thanks for bringing that up, I’ll be sure to give him more of a bad attitude on the final model!

tftony- Thank you!

boozie floozie- Thanks! I wanted to make him look like he was having a pleasant dream.

monstermaker- I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time…Thank you very much for the compliments.

threetails- Thanks man!

jojo75- That’s a good suggestion! I’ll make sure I address the symmetry n the final model… Thanks!

Giantsun- Thank you for the kind words!

Whistler- I agree a lot of the modeling did end up getting washed out, but when I accentuated the modeling with the texture map it ended up looking too harsh, so I got rid of it and stuck with a more softer look.

Thanks again everyone for all the encouraging words!!!