Beta stuff

Hello, my name is Jeff McAteer

I was blown away when Zbrush2 was released… I can honestly say I’m just as blown away with Zbrush3!

here are a couple of “works in progress”


I really like your designs and your style. Nice work

SO smoooooooth it hypnotizing…
Crazy concepts, truly love them.

So serene and tranquil, yet there’s storm abrewin… Excellent!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

can u explain how the scales for the last creature was done

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

canndis- the scales on the face were made by using the masking tool to get the basic shape of the scales then I just pushed and pulled. I used the “lazymouse” tool a lot on the very edge of the scales to make sure I would get a clean line… it’s a great tool! For the body I painted an alpha in photoshop that I used as a stencil in zbrush. When I put the scales on the body the creature was not in the same pose it is now, it was completely straight. I posed it after I had most of the modeling done.

hey madmac!

really admirering your style. those nice precise lines and muscle definitions are just great.
beautyful sculpts.


Love your style, nice detailing and anatomy.:+1:

hey bro great models as always :slight_smile:

Great designs! I’d like to have such a door-knocker…

The little alien with asymetric arms is just great ! I like this passive posing !

like Stumpf, you have a particular style that makes your work instantly recognizable. truly great concepts all riddled with that subtle detailing of yours. sweet!

hey Jeff,

i am big fan of ya style…i would like to know how
your wflow changed since you work with v3?

can you put down those micro details in realtime,
or are you still using PM for that purpose.

what brushes do you use most frequently -

is it possible to quickly add subtools to one
single mash?

thx madmac!

Thanks for all the great compliments everyone!!!

Zmith[21] How my work flow has changed… well I would say it changed in a lot of ways. The fact that you can now have multiple sub tools is really huge! If you want to add something to your model later on in the process, this makes it easy to do. For example with the door knocker I started with the wolf and had no idea what I was going to make for the actual “knocker” part, but because I could add a new sub tool at anytime and work them both IN THE SAME SCENE I was able to just make it up as I went along. Also the small things… like having the eyes of a creature as a seperate tool makes it easy to sculpt eye lids that fit perfectly around the eyeball, or teath, belts anything. Being able to have multple tools really helps keep your models feeling connected.
Being able to paint and model with an alpha without having to go into Projection Master is huge! I really enjoy painting models now… before I always dreaded texture mapping, just seamed so mechanical and tedious to me. Now I feel like I’m airbrushing a real model.
“Lazymouse” this had made modeling those long strokes a lot easier. It enables you to get more confident lines without that ever present lumpiness in Z2 that is so hard to smooth out.
More polys… it’s alway good to be able to add more detail and certainly more polys allows me to do that. But the best part for me about the increase in pollys is the fact that it frees me up a little more so I can concept in 3D. What I mean is if I have an idea for something and I want to just model it without worring about setting up a good base cage I can. I can make a sphere or import a box and I have enough polys to divide my model enough so I can realize what is in my brain without it falling apart from a lack of polys… this always used to happen to me around the nose and mouth area of a head.
This is turning into a very long response… I guess I’ll leave it as… My work flow has really been effected by the new tools in Z3. I haven’t even mentioned Layers or Transpose which each one of them deserve a page of writting by themselves. And there is still more…

It’s starting to sound like I’m a salesman for pixologic. HA HA HA…

I hope my ramblings have answered your question…


“I can realize what is in my brain without it falling apart from a lack of polys… this always used to happen to me around the nose and mouth area of a head.”

that sounds good - how many polys can you move with ease?

…thx for the reply


Wonderful images, Madmac. Thanks for sharing.

How many subtools may be active at once? Does this new subtool capability eliminate the need for Multi Markers? Might a head be modeled with eyes, teeth, hat, costume and pipe as separate tools that rotate as one?


Zmith[21] At least double of what I use to be able to work with. I don’t know for sure because I haven’t really had the need to push it yet. But it was running smoother at double the polys I used to consider my limit. Hope that helps.

SNARK Good questions… I don’t know what the limit is for the amount of subtools you can have. You might want to ask Ryan these questions. I appologize for my ignorance.

This is a bug of sorts I’m making for work… I’m going to be making a lot more of them in the near future.


Thanks for sharing your amazing work!
:question: the bug design: Are the plates “crisp” looking because of a High Poly count?
how did you get that look?

your work has to be some of the best i’ve seen, clean solid forms and super layered style. great concepts superbly exiquted. love your Z3 work.

I agree…very very kewl works…love the eel…and that clarity in your models makes me drool…