Beneto's new artwork.

Great works!
I like the orc a lot!
Can you tell something about your rendering workflow and passes?

Thanks for sharing!

great works!..love the red stone on the orc!

Epic thread!

Nice creatures. I really like the sub zero model. Did you make the in game model or just the illustrations for the game? Could you post some wireframes?

Great job your renders and texturing have a unique style.

SolidSnakexxx: Thanks again!

boblenain: thanks for the comments

stefanobernardi: Thank you. I usually Decimate my mesh, export to Maya and render with Mental Ray. I render a few passes: “Beauty”, Specular, Reflection, AO, Depth, RGB (for material masking) and sometimes SSS.
My AO shader is tweaked to get a full range of values, trying to capture the form and its details as much as possible, without having blasted-white areas.
I do most of my shader tweakings in Photoshop, using Levels on AO, Reflection and Specular per material. Example: For skin specular, I would use the Specular pass twice: one tweaked with a Level adjustment to get a low, but broad specular, and the second would be tweaked with a Level that tightens the Specular to a strong but narrow highlight.

When I do these tweaks, I try to use a setup that would be easily transferable to After FX, in case I would need to do a turnaround of the model. I try to keep the paintovers to a minimum.

The whole purpose of this process is to keep it fast, and render time to a minimum, so that I can spend as much time as possible on the character/creature design, instead of spending hours tweaking and re-rendering shaders in Maya.

At work, I will use ZBrush for the renders, if it needs to be done faster.

I hope this is clear enough :slight_smile: I love your work, btw.

pappete: Thank you. the brief for this design was “Chieftain’s son, master of the Blood relic”. The stone is the “Blood relic” :slight_smile:

digitalsmithy: Thanks brosef!

soulty666: I did the game model as well. The illustrations for the game were done by outside firms. This is my personal illustration to showcase the ZBrush model I sculpted. This is a decimated mesh, so the wireframe is pretty wild.

strangehighways: Thank you, it is much appreciated.

I will post some ZBrush renders of these ZTools this week, so keep an eye on this thread!

Thanks for looking.

Thanks for the infos!
Your technique for skin specularity is interesting, I will try it on my next render :slight_smile:
Keep up with the good work!

Great work on the Orc man, really dig it!! :slight_smile:

What else can I see, I think it has already been said!:+1:small_orange_diamond:)
Totally mindblowing work, really fantastic and very professional work!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
Thanks for sharing your artwork, very inspiring :slight_smile: Did you do the Mortal Kombat for Production purposes or is it fanart?
Looking forward seeing even more from you,
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:)

Sorry for the late replies, schedule have been pretty crazy.

stefanobernardi: thanks!

Frank_Tzeng: Thanks, man. I am glad you like the orc!

KC-Production: Thanks for the kind words. I originally designed and sculpted these characters for the game. And I made these renders afterward for myself.

Here is an update on another maquette/concept I created this week. I really wanted to get my feet wet with the Fibermesh tools; This is such a great addition to ZBrush… I am loving it.

This creature is a redesign of the “Apt”, from the John Carter of Mars books. Made for fun.

Thanks for looking!

great use of fibers!!!:slight_smile: I also like how you’ve added the snow across the fibers :+1:

Thanks Polo2011, I am having a great time with fibers; it is perfect for 3d concepts.

Just thought I’d post a 3D sketch I made this week. This is a re-design of the Beholder.

Sculpted and rendered in ZBrush.

I am currently polypainting that creature, so I’ll post an update as soon as it is done.

Thanks for looking!


i saw all your sculpts they are incredible !!
i like the idea of tentacles used to move around in water :smiley:

Awesome sculpts Beneto!

Cool design! I like it

Cool take on the Beholder

nice monsters ! :+1:

Nice Sub-zero!!!

Nice Orc!!!

Amazing jobs.

nice work! …brings back memories.