Beneto's new artwork.

Hello all,
I would like to share some of my personal work and a few characters I created for the game Mortal Kombat.
Thanks for taking a peak!
(You are welcomed to visit my website if you would like to see more of my work. www.beneto.ca)

Let’s start with Sub-Zero. This was entirely sculpted in ZBrush, in 2010. This is a render of my decimated ZBrush mesh in Maya (MentalRay), textured and comp’d in Photoshop.

And here is Baraka. Same as Sub-Zero; created in ZBrush in 2010, rendered in Maya (MentalRay), textured and comp’d in Photoshop.

Here are 2 more shots of Sub-Zero. These were created to pitch (to Warner Brothers) the idea of using our digital sculpts for future collectible statues.

More to come in next posts…









Awesome! Models look great, I especially love the textures on Sub-Zero’s facemask. Did you do the textures as a paint-over in Photoshop, or are they actually on UVed texture maps?

Awesome sculpts. Baraka is amazing!

Cool sculpts! :+1:

Really inspiring work!


Amazing loved the Mortal Kombat game I had gone off the franchise since the early ones but this sucked me right back in. Really nice work

People like you make makes me wanna focus even more of my time on zbrush. a real inspiration my friend. amazing work. got any work flow images you can show us please? well done tho. 10/10. your detail and technical knowledge is awesome. :smiley:

Really nice work! Congrats on the success of the game. I’m curious about your texturing technique for the decimated meshes. Can you go into more detail on how you did this? Thanks

Your character work is beautiful!! I love it. Awesome game BTW. GO JAX!!

Nice. :slight_smile:

looking good boss

Subzero is awesome! Baraka looks great. Inspiring work!

Thank you all for the comments.

spacemonkeydr: The textures are paintovers for these images. The game models were textured for the game but not the high-res meshes.

SolidSnakexxx: Thanks! I love your Lady of Naga sculpt; really awesome.

asecbrush, EricShawn: Thanks!

malc2304: thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the game :slight_smile:

3xtigy: thank you for your support. I will see what I can do for the workflow images.

VinceRizzi: Thanks! we’re glad lots of people enjoyed the game; We worked hard on that thing. I will try to assemble something to explain how I work and post it here.

Clintus Maximus: Thanks! glad you like Jax! I had the opportunity to do multiple concepts for his costumes and sculpt his head. (I’ll see if I can post renders later) A kick-ass colleague of mine created the high-res and game models.

3dMob: Thanks dude!

pabgo: Thanks you!

SeanJM: thanks, much appreciated comment :slight_smile:

Again, thank you all for the comments. I’ll update this thread from time to time.

cool work

Ioannis_Kths: Thanks!

Here is another update; Lately, I have been doing a lot of 3D concept work by building quick maquettes, polypaint and/or Photoshop paintovers.
Dynamesh is totally awesome for that sort of application.

This image is a re-design of a creature called Tarrasque, from the D&D universe. This was all sculpted by building a z-sphere “rig” and conveting to Dynamesh. Textured and comp’d in Photoshop.

Squidface! : This one was my first attempt with Dynamesh a few months back. Same process as the Tarrasque.

Thanks for looking!

Looks awesome…and disgusting :+1:

Excellent … really dig Tarrasque!

AngelC: Thanks!
asecbrush: Merci!

Here is another update with more 3D concepts. Again, I built the entire maquette in ZBrush, with extensive use of Dynamesh.

Warcraft-style orc:

And a Leviathan (based on religious stories) The tentacles form “demonic” wings and wraps around the body while swimming.

Thanks for dropping by!

Very nice works. I especially like the Leviathan and its design! :+1:

This is quite an impressive gathering of sculpting skills! Very good job deserving a top row, no?