Beginners Creatures...

I’m totally delighted!

i love concept, good work

Guy´s, honestly, I don´t know what to say! Really, thank you so much for your kind words!!!

@ XIII, yes Wayne Douglas Barlow was a big inspiration, I hope I doesn´t feel like a copy :slight_smile:

@ dargelos, Nice, I am glad you like my sketches as well :slight_smile:

@ DrApple, Of course! I have to, If I don´t share it I will never know if my work is bad or good. And it looks like I am on a good way :slight_smile:

@ Daddymack, I feel flattered that you had to comment my designs!

@ Erik Heyninck, Yes, I guess it is true that my job helped me thinking functional. Let´s see what is turning out of my sabatical, but in the end it doesn´t matter, I am doing it because i love it :slight_smile:
and if I can inspire people with it, it´s even better :), I will keep up posting stuff :slight_smile:

Again thank you so much!

I remember seeing your drawings of these creatures years and years ago, and thought they were some of the most unique looking creatures I’d ever seen. Cool to see some of them make their way to 3D. Keep it up, glad you have some time to take off from work and do your own thing!

  • Neil

Beautiful creature designs and a very refreshing sense of forms. Especially in comparison to what has been produced in the last years.
Thanks a lot for sharing and for the inspiration!

@ Neil, Thank you very much! Yes you saw them, amazing that you remember that!
I had them on my Analog Blog, but as I decided to do this project (thanks to a friend who is writing the Sci-Fi Novel for this project) I took the most Stuff off, to start fresh!
But it will appear step by step again, with the 3D models :), and the Vehicles as well…

@ undoz, Thank you very much, I am glad you and the others feel that way! I will keep on posting stuff :slight_smile:

very inventive concepts and sculpts!


I love those designs!
pretty cool work.

Superb project :+1:

They look so trippy and stur up natural responses! I love them!
Their shapes truly convince they are creatures from another world.

Absolutely wonderful work!
Congratulations on Top Row!!!

Thank you very much all of you! I am very happy about all the positive feedback. looks like I am on the right path with my design :slight_smile:


These are refreshingly unique and awe inspiring. Truly alien in their form yet there is a great restraint in their design, nothing is overdone. Fantastic and inspirational!

Great work. Unique and interesting in a good way :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see how everything will develop.

…in the monsters’ world!:sunglasses:

Thank you very much guys! :slight_smile:

cool stuff man

I am just wondering what kind of tutorials you were using to get this kind of result! I think it all looks great! I am having a hard time getting myself started with anything so I am intrigued as to your process and what tutorials lead you to your method! Beautifully done!!!

Thank you!

@ Eirikr: The Tutorial that helped me the most was “Introduction to ZBrush 4R7 with Madeleine Scott-Spencer”, I bought it a while back and was watching it a couple of times before I started. And I always jumped back into the the diffrent Videos from her, when I forgot something (and I am still doing that). When I had a specific thing, I had a look a Youtube and found it to 99 percent… A game changer for me was when I realized that the Polimodeling is in a way the same like Nurbs modeling. Look at the picture.

So what I did with the last six and a half models was, I was building my creature without details, and using the ZRemesher Tool with the ZRemesher Guides Brush (not really recommended by Madeleine) and set the ZRemesher use Curve Strenght to 100, and the target polycount to 0.1…
This is giving me a super low Poly modell, where I am starting basicly new. I am rearanging all polygons new so that they have a super nice flow! This is where the ZModeler Brush becomes very handy, because I am also rebuilding a lot…

Ones this is done, I am manually creasing my feature lines. The result is a Nurbs like super nice curve :slight_smile:

After doing this, I bring up my modell to a polycount between 6 and 10 Millions, Duplicate it and ZRemesh it again with a polycount target set to 5. Bringing this also up to 3 Millions or so and Projecting the other Model onto it. This is giving me a better Poly layout in a way (not everywhere :frowning: ) This is when I start modeling the rest. But I am still having problems with stretched Ploys and so on, like I said I am just a beginner. I guess there are much better ways and faster ones to get the same result. But for me this is working now pretty good :).

I hope the Pictures are helping to understand what I am doing…

Anyway, I am not a Pro, this is just the way I am doing it right now.


ZRemesher Guides

Cleaned up and manually creased

added aubdevisions no final medeling yet

A new Creature (coming soon) with a low polycount cleaned up/ no crease


I love these creatures and I was pleasantly surprised that you are an automotive designer as I am an Icemsurf /Alias automotive modeller in the UK and I have been looking at Zbrush and its possible uses for the initial concepting work. Unfortunately, as I cannot afford a sabbatical :sunglasses: I never seem find the time to successful discover a way of demonstrating the ease that a designer could benefit from the use of zbrush to explore forms. I find it very hard to let go of the precision of nurbs modelling but the low poly seems like a good solution.
I never thought of designing creatures using the design language from cars. Most of the automotive design videos online are usually generic sports cars with panels defined way too early.
Are you also thinking that zbrush could be useful tool alongside nurbs/bezier modelling in our industry?

Anyhow, I look forward to see more of your work.

Martin C