Beginners Creatures...

Hi, I would like to briefly introduce myself. because this is my first post on ZBrush Central. My name is Christian, I am from Germany and currently in my sabbatical to work on my own project. I worked for 7 years as an Interior designer for the Automotive industry. But I always loved Concept Art, so it was time to make this step.
My 3D background is class A surfacing with Autodesk Alias, I love that program for it´s precision in hard surface modelling.
So it wasn´t easy to jump from nurbs to polymodelling, but I try my best to become better : )

My project is about discovering a new alien Planet, so I needed to get away from my hard surface modelling and create some creatures. And ZBrush was the best solution in my opinion. I just tried it ones a long time ago and the sculpting felt so intuitive, that I had to use it : ). For my spaceships I am still using Alias, but I guess I have to try ZBrush as well.

So, the Creatures you see here are basically all I did so far in ZBrush (except my very first one, but it is to bad to show) and they are chronological. I watch so much tutorials how to work in ZBrush but there is still so much to learn and discover : ) (thanks to all of you doing this amazing tutorial videos)

The last six creature are done over the past 5 days, so that´s why they are just in greyshade.

Anyway, all opinions and critics are appreciate and welcome!


The Odellion…

Odellion_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgOdellion_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgOdellion_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgOdellion_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgOdellion_Creature_04_by_Christian-Grajewski-2016.jpgArmordeer_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmordeer_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmordeer_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Odellion_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Odellion_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Odellion_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Odellion_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg


Armordeer_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Armordeer_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Armordeer_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

The Armordeer…

Armordeer_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmordeer_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmordeer_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmordeer_Creature_03_by_Christian-Grajewski-2016_04.jpg


Armordeer_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Armordeer_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Armordeer_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


The Gantor…

Gantor_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgGantor_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgGantor_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgGantor_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgGantor_Creature_04_by_Christian-Grajewski-2016_04.jpg


Gantor_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Gantor_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Gantor_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Gantor_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


The Toxicorum…

Toxicorum_01_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgToxicorum_01_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgToxicorum_Creature_02_by_Christian-Grajewski-2016_04.jpg


Toxicorum_01_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Toxicorum_01_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Five day´s of work (the next six and a half creatures) …

Armadillo_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmadillo_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgArmadillo_Creature_01_by_Christian-Grajewski-2016_04.jpg


Armadillo_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Armadillo_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Rhinotorus_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgRhinotorus_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgRhinotorus_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgRhinotorus_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Rhinotorus_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Rhinotorus_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Rhinotorus_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Rhinotorus_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Amazing stuff =) Keep it up!

Alligator_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgAlligator_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgAlligator_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgAlligator_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpgAlligator_Creature_04_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Alligator_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Alligator_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Alligator_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Alligator_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016.jpg

Alligator_Creature_04_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgShield_Stag_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgShield_Stag_Creature_04_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgShield_Stag_Creature_05_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgShield_Stag_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgShield_Stag_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Shield_Stag_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_04_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_05_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Shield_Stag_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Tortugantus_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgTortugantus_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgTortugantus_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgTortugantus_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Tortugantus_Creature_00_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Tortugantus_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Tortugantus_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Tortugantus_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Chicken_Creature_000_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgChicken_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgChicken_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpgChicken_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg


Chicken_Creature_02_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Chicken_Creature_01_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Chicken_Creature_000_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

Chicken_Creature_03_by_Christian Grajewski 2016_04.jpg

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Thank you Wolf : )

Very Wayne Douglas Barlowe. I like it.

Beautiful creatures! All of them.

I don’t know what I like the most. The concept drawings or the renderings… Both are awesome.

Wonderful style. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much guys!!!

Dude! I lurk here loads and haven’t felt compelled to comment for a long time… These are brilliant! Solid interdimensional design sense you have

Hey these are great. I’m also an industrial designer/game artist working to learn zbrush. I’m really most interested in how a sculpting tool like this can be used to build real objects and mesh with programs like Solidworks or Alias. I really enjoy that you are using a lot of Automotive form work, especially with the flowing surfaces and the hard surfaces mixed with the organic creature forms. Keep it up and maybe take some of what you learn and explore and apply it to future automotive work…and for what it’s worth this is first zbrush central work I’ve ever commented on, it stands out in a good way.

Your seven years show through, Christian. Your creatures are ‘functional’ and probable life-forms.

Your works are like a breath of fresh air, and if you continue like this, I forsee a turning-point sabatical!

Please keep on adding new work. I love it!