Batman, (personal concept).

(WIP) this is a personal concept for this amazing character.

I have nothing planned specifically, I do whatever comes to my mind.





I changed glasses, and testing materials.

:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: colors and mats work too !! clean cool concept !

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Me mucho gusto su concepto!
One of the first Ive seen so far where his ears dont start on the top of his head! I really like that decision!
Rock on!

Thanks, I’m glad youlike it. :slight_smile:

Well I started doing the top of the suit and accessories that conform it, I leave this picture of one of them:

  1. Here I have the base mesh at the top of the suit.

  2. I place below the base mesh a torso which I used to model the shape of the attachment that I wanted above the base mesh.

  3. This is the torso only how it looks after isolation.

  4. In this step you can see the retopology that I did to the accessory for best results.

  5. this is the accessory obtained from the new topology. Ready to work on it.


(WIP) Batman, personal concept. I did not like the backpack accessory. :stuck_out_tongue:



Wow, cool Batman design. Looking forward to see more!!

Also here a fan of Batman? a really good job, it will be very curious evolving



(WIP) Batman, personal concept.
Arm protectors.


Loving the design so far. How were the tubes on the mouth created?

Thanks, I use the new IMM brushes!

I’m glad to see my friends begin to fight in the big leagues. I like the conception and the change in the character, excellent texture of the suit, we see hard and flexible at the same time like a kevlar set. I have wanted to see the whole character, sure to be spectacular. A big hug TidegeR

Gracias amigo, feliz de encontrarlo por acá también. gracias por tu comentario, este es un diseño propio que a medida que se me va ocurriendo lo voy haciendo o modificando, espero tener como siempre un buen resultado final. Saludos y un abrazo para ti también amigo.

(WIP) Batman, personal concept.