Barbarian Female for Diablo III

Hi guys!
I made fan art of Diablo 3 and I would like to share this with you
you can find it here Diablo contest

a little bit about pipeline:

I made quick scketch over base model

I didn’t make a detailed high-res model (because i suppose to used it for 3D blockout)
but I decided to used this model for normalmap too

I also used normal, specular and emissive maps, but it is not interesting

I had no limits and I spent 50 000 triangles

I hope you will enjoy it! :slight_smile:











i love it! great job congratulation.

Hey hey, what do we have here, just woohaa !! savage and pretty all in one.

Great work bog, just wow !!

very cool

Amazing work! Love the detail and style, really inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work!

Very nice job, man. I really don’t understand why they didn’t give to you the majority of votes. You deserved it. And how did u make retopo? 50k is a lot of work.

Yyyeeeaaahhh !!!

Gorgeous work… Also a fan of your Cammy version. Already voted for you in the contest site. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Sweet! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Wow! Very nice work!

incredible! she turned out great!

Apparently in this fantasy world breast implants are not just a fantasy hahhaha!!!
Great model overall. Congrats!

love your work, bogdan :slight_smile:

Lovely done!

Excellent work man! and you got some really nice posing to go with it. and that has to be one of the most efficient UV Maps ive ever seen lol… Well done. I would have voted for you to win.

WOW!! amazing job, top row.

Great Character love clothes details!!


Awesome work!

The weird thing is that even before I clicked on the thumbnail, I knew the work was done by Bogdan (Czesc, Bogdan!). His Cammy model was awesome and one of my favourites.

Well Done!


Glad to see your sharing here Man :smiley:
it should be on the top row indeed! :+1: