Barbarian Female for Diablo III

amazing wire :smiley:

Wow this is really beautiful! Amazing pose as well!

Beautiful work! :+1:

Wow, Great Job!

Wow!!! Totally amazing! One of the sexiest ZBrush-characters I have seen so far!


That is really excelent, loved the details and the way you sculpted the details over the model!

Great work with everything, but I absolutely love the face. Amazing.

beautiful man…if you can show me tips on the hair i will be appreciated man
really wonderful

Extremely impressive; great detail as well as overall modelling. Brilliant :slight_smile:

Great work! My only crit would be the face looking way too much like some catwalk model type for my taste, despite the one scar. Maybe its just the lack of expression though.



top row! top row! only super artist can make this :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

she looks sooo pretty
and her armor is also so cool
an posing wowww
keep it up

I had to check your gallery because the style felt a little familiar (Cammy), especially the face texturing. Another amazing piece, well done!

Definitely digging this!
I like the look of the fur on the lower poly model.

This is really beautiful work man!! I love it!

Thank you so much guys! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

joymepls I made it in Zbrush then to complete in Maya. yeah it is really a lot of triangles i spent about 20 hours for this
omarpac I can’t promise but I’ll try to find time to make description of hair’s and fur’s pipeline, with examples it will take some time

great work:+1:

Awesome model!
I am very curious about your process for making this piece!
I didn’t unterstand how you used normal maps since your high poly model wasn’t much detailed…

Thanks for sharing!

perfect face as always man,love your works:+1: