BadKing's Monster Brush Challenge


Here’s a WIP of my own version of a clicker! I used teeth and ears from the monster pack brushes! :slight_smile:

…and the painted doodle :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
Here is the WIP and finalised images for one of my pieces.
Using horns, arms, legs and teeth from the most awesome MonsterBrush Pack.


Thanks for looking :wink:

Hi everyone, this is my monster, i use only monster brush by badking to create it. First time using keyshot.
Hoper you like it :slight_smile:

this is my wip hope u like it :wink:



Arturs Miglans
Monster - Hallo Pumpkin :slight_smile:

Demon…I didn’t even know there was a challenge going on until after I posted this in my main thread lol.

All body parts save the hair are from the monster brush sets.


I downloaded the brushes. How do I install them into ZBrush? :rolleyes: Thank You. :smiley:

Here is what I put together so far. From this I’ve learned that I have to really focus on learning ZBrush.

Monster textures finished. Might pose it some time in the future.


Hello again!
Another doodle in progress :slight_smile:

Started a new one. Using arms, legs and teeth.

… and the final one… hope you like it :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone!!!
Here’s my Concept Centaur entry for the challenge.
I show you only the silhouette because the final image is rendering… :rolleyes:

Hunting Centaur_Silhouette

Hallo !!
My Monster ! Grrrr
Raoul Weber



All manner of things used from the monster pack, Some changed some unedited…Even Monsters have friends! :stuck_out_tongue: