BadKing's Monster Brush Challenge

We are excited to be hosting our first challenge - The BadKing Monster Brush Challenge! We have had so many requests from the community to start something official, so here it is! Prizes will be awarded on the top 3 Artworks as voted on by the community. So come on, let’s see what awesome designs you can create using the FREE Mega Monster Pack!!! Special thanks to our generous sponsors: Digital Tutors, Eat 3D, Pixologic and ZBrushWorkshops.


  • Submissions close 13th October 2013 23:59 (PDT).
  • Submissions must include at least ONE part from the Mega Monster Pack.
  • Characters/ creatures must be posed.
  • All artwork to be coloured (textured/ polypainted).
  • Artwork to be created in ZBrush but can be rendered in other software programs such as KeyShot, VRay, etc.
  • Submit as many artworks as you like.
  • Any pornographic or obscene content will result in disqualification from the Challenge.
  • WIPs can be uploaded here to our ZCentral thread.
  • Submit your final artwork via Email - include your NAME and URL. Click Here to submit your Final Design.
  • Final Submissions can be voted on here:


  • Voting closes 20th October 2013 23:59 (PDT).
  • Subscribers can vote for as many submissions as they wish but can only vote ONCE for any one individual artwork.





Badking Strikes again !
Best wishes to all the participants…:+1:

Is 3d bas-relief of the monster also accepted ? :sunglasses:

Drider Early WIP

Wings by Robert Brown of the monster Pack!!

Monster mash 02.jpg


Mash rech 03.jpg

Mash rech 03.jpg

Work Inprocess 5 hours in…
Comments and Suggestions opened…
Hope you guys like it so far.:slight_smile:
Inner head and face will be added later on…

Here’s my “Dark creature” entry for the challenge.


Just joining in for fun
This is what I came up with after experimenting learning and imagining for 1.5 hour.
No edit only using the amazing library of monster brush

Arturs Miglans
Here’s my, simply monster :slight_smile:

The monster pack brush parts make a great starting point to making
monsters along with dyna mesh and zremesher to join it all together.

Monster pack brush parts used.

Clay render

I had awesome fun doing this!!!


Kit bashing

project king fisher.jpg

texture sculpt, custom trimming, and colors

project king fisher 2.jpg

setting the scene

monster mash (7).jpg


monster mash (8).jpg

Great fun…hope yall like it : )


monster mash (8).jpg

Monster brushes downloaded.

That’s an aquatic crab-like creature, I’m working on, totally with BadKing Monster Brush parts. Still without any paint.

Composition.jpg hi all, this is the best i can do for the time i am using Zbrush i hope you like it :slight_smile:

Another one)

Hi guys here is my entry hope you like it

Last tale of love.