Great work!:+1:

Could you show us some of the animation-mesh wires? Any other further pics are more than welcome too.:smiley:


awesome job as always Patton !
looks you guys used the younger Maynard James Keenan as reference.

Excellent Work !

wow. This is beautiful! That dragon is amazing!
Once again, wow!

The move is just awesome… no words for describe it. The inmersion in Pandora is excellent.

Love your work man :wink:

Amazing work!! Many, many thanks for sharing it with us. Must be great to be involved in such a epic project.

Thumbs up and all the best :+1:

:smiley: You are one lucky guy. What a job! Good work mate.

Wow, Really amazing works!!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…the work you did on Avatar is seminal, and will influence many
filmmakers and artists. The designs were well thought out and well
executed. The movie is amazing and Stan would be proud of the finished
product, though I’m sure he saw enough material to know how Avatar
would turn out…


It’s beautiful! Really amazing…
I have a question: How did you do the hairs? I have some problem with it…

Waiting to see it next week when I’m off for the holidays. Great looking work!

this is great! top row stuff for sure! I haven’t watched the movie myself, but this is definitely awesome! Expressions are very nicely done!

Saw Avatar yesterday. One of the best movies I’ve seen recently and THE best visual effects I’ve seen in any movie.
Great work!

nice work ! :slight_smile:

lucky you, for us Fox refused totally to let us show anything about Avatar the Game and Zbrush screenshots…

Very nice work, thank you for sharing this.

LOVE the movie and LOVE your work!!! so lucky to work on such a movie.

Can’t wait to see this movie, great work :+1:
(the fact that it all started with Zbrush 2 makes it even more impressive)

I really enjoyed the film, great job ! :wink:

awsome worksss!!!