I started working on Avatar 3 years ago and was working with Zbrush 2 ( that means no subtools!!) I had to work on a fairly slow laptop so that I could work directly with Jim Cameron on the mocap stage.
I was really green as a 3D artist but jumped in with both feet, after all this time I still really love the stuff we produced at Stan Winston Studio / Legacy effects.

I was part of the group of artists that Designed the Na’vi characters I was responsible for working out Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) Digital sculpts with expressions as a proof of concept for the look of the Na’vi people. I also did the designs for Norm (Joel Moore) as well as the Grace ( Sigourney Weaver}.
We also designed the Viper wolfs from a sketch of Camerons.
And fleshed out and detailed the head of the Banshee and figured out how it would function, that was a Neville Page design

Here are some of the Images that I did for the film Hope you like them, It was a long while ago, it’s amazing how far CG has come from way back when these were done.
PS.Here are some links to my new Gnomon DVDs




















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wow, amazing works!!

I will post more when I can sift through it all.

im speechless!!! THIS IS INSTANT TOP ROW! amazing fantastic beautiful job! im going to see the movie tomorrow i cant wait to see it! Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic images :+1:

fantastic! the expressions captured perfectly :+1:
thanks for sharing, and im waiting for more of these :smiley:

great work! i think its an amazing job you did.congrats! :wink:

cool stuff

Awesome! So looking forward to seeing more!

Fantastic job! I just came out of the movie 30 minutes ago, i watched it in 3D and it was an amazing trip onto a dream! The art all around is so astonishing/fantastic it really dragged me so deep into the world of Avatar!

U guys did truly a amazing job with the 3D models and just to think about what you could do with a crappy laptop and zbrush 2.0 i really hope and really can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with next!

A standing ovation from my side!

I truly hope i can one day reach your guys outstanding modeling and design skill, to be able to join a great group like yours and build such a beautiful world full of life!

Five Stars and top row from my side!
I would love to see and learn more about the way you guys approached making this amazing movie and its incredible art!!!

And i truly hope you guys will do more like this!

Thanks everyone.
Here is some related stuff, We (Legacy Effects) also did a Sideshow collectable of the Amp suit and Colonel Quatrich From Avatar.
I did the Quatrich Sculpt, and as a side note I designed And applied the Quatrich Make-up for the film tests ( keeping the Make-up chops alive!!)
We also built a 13 foot version of the ampsuit for the movie, it was all built in the computer and milled full size then assembled in our shop, so the small version was a piece of cake…OK it was a lot of work!!
John Cherevka, Trevor Hensley And John Rosengrant painted the prototype model and figure (nice work guys!)
Patton Q-Turn.jpgQ_Comp.jpgq-1.jpgq-2.jpgq-3.jpgQuatrichSculptCol.jpgFinalAmp.jpg

that’s so awesome i tried to make one avatar

and it was sick :cry:

brilliant work ! :smiley:

you’re the man

This film is going to be soo cool! Can wait to see it tomorow!:+1:

Awesome … going for the movie today !!!
thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I should say that we at Legacy Effects did the designs and design models for the characters that we did for the film, we did some really detailed stuff but Weta took it to the next level. The real credit has to go to the entire Cg, design ,and art department on the film.
We turned over the models to WETA and they had to make sense of our craziness.
Hats off WETA, you made it real!

well both Legacy Effects and WETA, the entire Cg, design ,and art department on the film and obviously Cameron.

Thanks so much again for such a wonderful teamwork and such a great art-piece of a movie you guys put together!

i will truly have nice dreams tonight hahahaha :smiley:

I love the concept of capturing human expression to control the 3d animation. Going to see it asap. Nice work. :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

nice work…

Truly a GIANT STEP FORWARD in and for ART and also in and for this new and AMAZING digital medium…:+1:
Thank you for sharing the experience and your part in it…:slight_smile:

aw man this is awesome! I thought it was going to be a fan model, not the actual people involved in producing the movie! 3 years ago!!! far out!!! please post some more of what you have, i don’t care if its not in a condition thats not so presentable (meaning i dont care if what you have is in a big mess), i just want more!! lol i love studying this stuff over and over again as im sure everyone else here does as well. Its like advertising on another level.

Very nice work! :+1: