Aurfax Sketchbook

Hi everyone. This is the first thread I start at ZBC. I’ve never uploaded images before, but I’ve been a big fan of viewing other people’s amazing work. I’ve posted on other threads and done some critiques and I hope that people who visit this thread do the same. All I wish is for people to share their knowledge and, also, hopefully take something valuable away from me or from other people. Thanks for visiting and I hope you like visiting.

The first images I will upload are for a visualization purpose for a project called "Demoniach". The original concept was done by Dom Carola. Please let me know what you think. Thanks everyone. ![demoniach1.jpg|1000x720](upload://1tb9lH6dgHysYPFDJLh8fJnf4iZ.jpeg)









The chained guy is pretty good. :+1:

HI everyone. I just wanted to update my chained model. I am still working on the cloth (or I might take out) and the last bit of the body. I’ve included a closeup of the face expression. Any critiques are more than welcome and I’ll thank you for them.






great job.

that is pretty sweet, I noticed one of your intentions was to recreate tension…from my point of view, you accomplished that pretty nice. One recommendation would be to add some more detail to the body and face of the guy, maybe some wrinkles or veins popping. Just a suggestion anyway. Keep it up

Hey everyone. I decided to post this image and see if I could get some feedback before I continue on adding detail on it. Any critique would be more than welcome and appreciated. Thanks everyone.creature_render1.jpg

Great stuff on the chained guy, I feel at this early stage it would be a bit premature to crit the vulture/bird man, but I certainly digg the concept and look forward to seeing where its going.

hey guys, I’m pretty bad on keeping up with my posts, and I apologize for that. Krlozadan thank you for your critique on my chained model, and I completely agree with you on adding a bit more details to make the model pop. I hope to get to it some time in the near future. Nichollya, thanks for taking the time and posting on my thread. I was hoping when I posted for people to give me some thoughts on where I could take this model, but you are right, its mainly up to me and then post something so people can see more of it. Therefore, after getting some time back from my previous job that just ended, I now have the time to make an update to the model. Here it is, its still not finished, but I hope people could critique the work that has been done so far. I also hope to make more frequent updates as I keep working at it. Thanks to anyone who makes a post or a crit. Take care everyone.



Hi everyone. I just wanted to upload an update for my creature. All crits are more than welcome. Thanks everyone and take care.creature_render2.jpg

Digg the head and the hands so far, not so sure about the region as the torso transitions into the legs, it seems less believable. Keep posting.

Hi Nichollya, thanks again for your reply. I truly appreciate you take the time to drop a couple of words. However, I’m not sure what you meant with the transition from the torso to the legs. If its possible, could you elaborate a bit more or if you prefer, I could upload a render from a different angle to help you explain a bit better. Nevertheless, thanks for your help. Also everyone, I’ll be uploading the creature’s gun render. Let me know guys what you think about. Thanks to everyone for the crits. Take care.

One more update to the creature, Here I am playing with some polypaint. Thanks everyone and take care.creature_render3.jpg

Hi everyone. I just wanted to update more of the polypaint work on the creature. Now I’m off to polypainting his gun and then some retopo work. Any crits are welcome. Thanks and take care.creature_render4.jpg

Welcome to ZbrushCentral my fellow floridian :slight_smile:
nice sketchbook you got there, I like the one with chains man, great expressions and dynamic in it!
your latest work is nice aswell, keep at it man!:+1:
where exactly are you from? i was born in tampa - buccaneers baby :slight_smile:
All the best and happy zbrushing,

  • kenny:)

Hi Kenny, thank you so much for your post. I’m in central Florida at the moment, Orlando to be specific. I see that you are in Germany. You are definitely a long way from home, but I truly hope you are making the best out of it. I saw your portofolio, and I noticed that you have a wonderful ability to sculpt faces. Also I noticed you are getting better with each post. The only suggestion I would do is to practice a bit more of gesture sculpting and anatomy (double check your sulpts’ hands). Nevertheless, you are young, in comparison to me, and dedicated and I’m sure you’ll do great. Thanks again and take care.


Hey everyone. Here is my first test on fibermesh. I haven’t had the chance to test it out and this morning I wanted to take a bit of time off from my creature model and see what I could come up with. I noticed that it was hard to work with it (I don’t know if its because I made it so long), but to be manipulate the fibers into the form that I wanted was a bit of a hassle. Then I thought how much actual gravity plays into when you comb your hair, no matter if its short or long. Therefore, I think it would be great if pixologic team could give you some automatic gravity control that you could still tweak the intensity when you groom the fibers. So, you still can get the look you want, but you don’t have so many rogue fibers that you have to tweak too. Just a thought. Alright everyone, like always, crits are welcome. Thanks and take care.fiber_render.jpg

Polypaint on the creature looks good, maybe mix up the colour palette on the belly and key areas like the head for effect. Digg the scifi armour stuff too.

Hey Nichollya, thanks man again for taking the time and dropping a line. I truly appreciate it. At this moment Im done with the creature guy. In a couple of days I’ll post his finalized image. I didn’t change much of the polypaint though as you suggested. However, here is another asset I’ve been working on too. This guy won’t be polypainted as the creature. Hopefully you guys like it, and please feel free to make some critiques. Thanks and take care everyone.looker_render1.jpg

hey everyone, here are the finalized creature renders. Hope you all like it. Everything was done in zbrush, renders too, some comp work in photoshop and retopo stuff in topogun. Take care all.creature_front_comp1.jpgcreature_right_comp1.jpgcreature_back_comp1.jpg

Great creature. Your own design ?