Artworks & WIP

Hello everyone , i’m Daniele Valeriani from Rome / Italy
This is my first post and my first artwork using this fantastic software.
All tools are made and rendered in zbrush, photoshop has been used for the final composition.
Hope you’ll like it. Critics are always welcome and well appreciated. Thx in advance.

The Abyss | Zbrush & Photoshop - Original size 60x30cm at 300 dpi



The Abyss / Detail…

The Abyss / Tools test

Another experiment in those days…

That’s freaky yet really well done. Reminds me of prometheius artwork. I take it you sculpt normally?

Much fun with 2.5D

womball > thx a lot…well i start as a traditional graphic designer using sw like photoshop, illustrator, 3dsmax etc…just ultimately i’m totally into ZB its possibilities are infinite as imagination.

This is fantastic stuff, I love all of it even the grim bits.
Also its great seeing people use 2.5D in their work.


Actually I think what I said above was an understatement, I cant stop looking at this stuff…

I know how some of it was done but not most of it by far, especially in the first one, I have been looking at it for hours now there is so much there.

Thank you for this stuff, its quite inspiring.

Oh! Im so rude:

Welcome to ZBC!!!

Thx You are kind , sorry for my late reply but i was on vacation. I’m glad you like the first artwork…it took some days to finish it.
Well let’s come up with something new here even if it was done some time ago…i’ve used as always Zb for the main parts and Photoshop for the final composition
This artwork was used by a well known swedish black metal band.

One of the parts of the image made in ZB (The head in particular) before PS.

wow really impressive. the compositing is really well done! :slight_smile:

Thx man!

Highly creepy, but well done. I watching this thread. good job. :cool:

DARK FUNERAL ! ! \m/ ! Nice Artwork, love the band but not 1 or 2 last ones. Older stuff is better !

I really like your works. The skull with barbwires is awesome ! :+1:

I LOVE scary artwork! Great stuff! I’d love to see a “making of” of some of your stuff!

Dark Funeral, you got it! Yes i prefer their older stuff at the end. That cover comprehend also the images shown below (same techniques PS , 3dsMax and ZB). Anyway these are old artworks were the use of ZB was only for some parts, PS is used at 85% with lots of levels (about 150 sometimes)
So i consider the first proper artwork with ZB the one at the beginning of this thread and i hope to come up with something new in this direction.

Well…in the meanwhile another test

Testing again…

Thx again, never thought about a making of…maybe interesting in the future :slight_smile: