Artefact Sketchbook

Hi everyone,

Here is a Wip of a new character I am working on. Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by the Minotaur, so I decided to do my own version.
This sculpt was done in 1 hour during my lunch break. With this sculpt I am trying to learn a little bit more about concepting on Zbrush.
This model was done without reference as I wanted to create something from my imagination and not just copying something I could see.
Thanks for watching,comments and Critics are very welcome.



I like the idea of posting a wip. And it’s a good one.
I have only one critique, which is based on something contradictory in the myth, and that is this: despite being the son of Queen Pasiphae and the White Bull Poseidon sent, the MInotaur was a man-eater. And that is an aspect I do not see in the mouth of your Minotaur.
I find the mouth a bit small.

But this is not meant as a critique as you have created the right look in the eyes for example, which is far more hard to do.
It is only my personal opinion.

Good work, and please go on posting!

Thank you Erik,

I will have a look at that as it was the first pass on the character.

Blocking the torso Anatomy…



Torso update…
Having fun experimenting with a face last night, Ready for Haloween!Minotaur_04_Web.jpgMonster_01_Web.jpg

[Monster Halloween 2015](https://vimeo.com/144114527) from [Remy Dupont](https://vimeo.com/user1243861) on [Vimeo](https://vimeo.com).




Playing with Bpr tonight.Monster_02_Web.jpg

Hello everyone few weeks ago I started the Artstation challenge : Ancient civilisations, I decided to base my model on Ivan Dedov’s concept art, I am have been enjoying the creative process of the character and would like to share some of my work.
Some elements are still in wip exemple the hands, and also the textures are not 100 per cent done.

You can find all the steps here :https://www.artstation.com/contests/ancient-civilizations/challenges/17/submissions/15563

I like the concept, the colours, the style, the clothes…

When I look at the clothes, I immedialtely associate her with some agrarian culture and living a hard and far from rich life in a colder climate. Her face with all the wrinkles add to this impression.
And then I look at those young hands that clearly have not done any hard work, That have no wrinkles, no callus, nothing, and your lady loses all credibility for me.

Of course it is your work and creativity, and this is only my personal opinion.

Keep up the good work!

Hello Erik, thank you for you comment that’s really nice and I totally agree with you.

That’s my bad I should have precised in my post that some elements where not finished (hands). I still need to sculpt them :slight_smile:


Here is my submission to the Artstation challenge, It as been a great adventure to work on this character.
I would have loved to push more some elements of it but I wanted to respect the deadline for the challenge.

Concept Art: Ivan Dedov

Full post : https://www.artstation.com/contests/ancient-civilizations/challenges/17/submissions/15563










I love it! The submissions for this artstation challenge are spectacular, so is yours, good luck :+1:small_orange_diamond:)

I didn’t have to render it for the challenge but I still wanted to do a closeup render of her face, so here it is :slight_smile:






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Very nice work! :+1:

Beautiful !

awesome work ! i love her

Very nice , Well done!

Love the overall mood and details of her.

beautiful work!

Truly beautiful. Top row indeed.

Very nice piece. Her face is fantastic!