Artefact Sketchbook

She’s so good. Love her face expression and her clothes.

i love this character…

can u tell me what material you used?

can i download that material?


So good! Congrats with TR! :smiley:

well deserve …i like the overall render…


awesome work mate

Beautiful. Love the face expression, posture and mood.

Hey, awsome work. I love the overall shape and the details are stunning ! Can i ask what material do you use for preview in zbrush? and enventually if you can share it?^^. I wonder too what software did you use for render?
Thanks !

Nice one, dig the concept and the final 3d version. I first thought it was the real time version… wiping sweat of my forehead, glad it wasn’t :wink:

Thank you everybody for all the comments :slight_smile:

aaskhey: I used Keos Masons matcap you can find it on Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/l/xGoZO#)

Felon 2 : I used 3ds Max and Vray for the render.

Outstanding! a love everything about this picture, well done!

Thank you Pablander :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
here is my latest personal project, it’s a different style from the precedent one, I really like the challenge to translate a 2D concept into a 3D model as I can add a new dimension trough modelling, texture and rendering.
The design was created by my friend Benjamin Flouw

I did all the modelling part in Zbrush and render in 3Ds max.