Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilder

Here is a little update with the legs. This is the first pass into Z-brush and it’s not finished, after I will put some veins and other skin details. This pass isn’t finished yet, just working on it today… Thank you everybody!




Any critics about the beginning of the legs? :frowning:

This really is an amazing resemblence.

I guess the only detail I see right now missing from the legs would be the slight separation of the hamstring mucles. Known as the Semitendonosis, Semimebranosis and Biceps femoris (sorry for bad spelling… it’s been awhile since anatomy class).

I love that you can tell the difference between the Gastrox and the Soleus. Well done.

Here is a little update. More a quick test ok skin pose just to gave him little motion. I will work on him this weekend, hope to finish the legs and the upper body. Nothing is finished so the veins will be add at the end.

More to come.

Here is the pic:




amazing modeling and a great likeness to boot. too bad his “mr freeze” was lame, cuz this bald arnie could serve as a great start.

Looking good …

Hey man, It looks good. Good Work

Looks great. :+1:
U said that you’ll be animating the displacement for the viens also?
How? :confused:


Ididn’t said that I will animated the veins, I said I will animated the muscles fibers with displacement maps. So I did it in 2 different layers.

Thanks for your reply BigGuns. I’m not pretty sure of how you’ll do it as I’m not that proficient with the practical usage of Zbrush to my 3d application for animation.
Plz post a little info on this as you’ll progress. I’ll keep checking this area from time to time. I’m sure you’ll maintain the same consistency and quality for thismodel at all the stages :+1:

Here is a little update on the legs. Soon I will post with veins and all the stuf!




Here is the first step with the veins, I begin with the upper body. I need more ram to have sharper veins… so when I buy a gig of ram I will update also the vein :slight_smile: More to come on the legs this weekend.

Hope you like it!




Feet lack a little form definition. Apart from it I don’t see any flaws:grimacing:.

Looks great man. How manny polys the model has?
It is very well modeled, keep going:D

Hi all!

Here is an update!

I finished the veins and a test of skin shader. No texture at all btw.

I will tweak a little more and I will begin the rigging next week with muscles bind to the bone and all the great stuff :slight_smile:

After that I will do all the displacement maps for the blending between them during the muscle contraction. He will be animated by a friend.

here is the update:




why isnt this in top row ?
i have seen here many realistic bodies, but this is one of the best. He looks just like him !!
how much polys is he in zbrush ? and the skin shader is also rox :smiley:
Damn you must post a picture here, i think some ppl miss this becouse they open the thread and after seeing no foto, tehy dont check the link :stuck_out_tongue:
i wish i could do something as realistic as that:+1:
wow, i just correct like 10 my spelling mistakes, writing in the midlle of the night makes me do many of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent work, perfect anatomy, and great likeness. Your base mesh is also very interesting. I would love to see your modeling process (base mesh). I agree, this should be top row. If you posted the actual photo into the thread I think it would be. I just watched “Pumping Iron” earlier!

Cool work my friend!Why don’t you place a direct pic?



Thank’s all! :slight_smile:

I just didn’t put a direct pic because I didn’t have a server to host it, so I use iamgeshack for that. Sorry :frowning: I will try to find a server :slight_smile:

ill bet you if he got out of office and back into acting hed looks damn near as well as when he did. the stress from that job must be insane… You got a nice model going… maybe if you make it a bit more realistic you can sell it to some film production company as a virtual stunt double lol… i can see him getting back into movies eventually… although… your model may have to be modified to fit his age=)